Loquax Sponsors Staples to Naples Team

Loquax Sponsors Staples to Naples Team

Staples to Naples (or Staples2Naples as it’s known) is the original European banger rally. People get themselves organised into teams, buy a car for under £100 and then drive it from Staples (or Calais as that’s where the rally will start) and then drive all the way down to Naples (or Rome as that’s where the rally is now ending). The whole thing sounds insane and no one in their right mind would do it in a decent car, but people do do the rally and they do it in an old banger – and this Loquax is pleased to announce that they’re sponsoring one of the teams – Torque of the North. And just for good measure one of our travelling ducks is going with the team that includes Jason’s brother Chris.

Torque Of The North

Torque of the North will be travelling in a Mazda 626 GLX which has been lovingly painted by the guys at Tameside College to become half Police car, half Gangster car! You can see pictures and catch up with the build up on their website. Whilst there’s a fun side to the trip, there’s also a serious point and the guys are hoping to raise a few quid for their chosen charity – Cancer Research UK. They are in need of some donation help though! So if you can spare a couple of pounds you can donate via Just Giving! Hopefully the guys make it all the way to Italy without too much incident, raise a few pounds for charity and of course get a few duck pictures too! We’ll also try and keep you updated with their progress!


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