Loquax To Launch Brand New Comping Magazine

April Fools

Loquax To Launch Brand New Comping Magazine

After 14 years of providing an online competition service, Loquax is pleased to announce a new string to our competition bow. We’ve looked at the competition magazines that are out there and have decided that it’s time for something new. So it’s a big Loquax welcome to our brand new magazine called Simply Compers from Loquax. Simply Compers from Loquax aims to provide compers with a quality comping publication – so you can take your favourite site with you where ever you are. There will be a printed version as well as a digital version – subscribers will be able to access both of them – and for no additional cost either.

Competition Exclusives!!

Our magazine will be full of the latest online competitions and offline promotions. We’ll be offering hints and tips about competitions as well as featuring winners and regular articles on the comping world. Stuck for answers? We’ve got that sorted too as for the first time a Loquax service will provide solutions to those tricky questions – A, B or C will soon be our speciality. There will be exclusive competitions for subscribers too. We’ve even brought in a comping expert, Megan Itallup, to offer her unique style of advice and commentary. Megan has been comping for over 3 months and has won over £25.14 of prizes including a free Knork and plate from Chicago Town! Her first article will be about “how to scoop the big prizes” – you won’t want to miss it!

What’s The Cost

Unfortunately, we will have to charge for the magazine! We expect a subscription to cost at least £75 a year, but do look out for special offers. However, if you pay us a one off free of £250 plus just £72 a year we’ll enroll you into our “Friends Of Online Loquax Society” where you’ll get access to the site, the magazine and a personally signed photo of Jason & Kirsty. Unmissable! We’ll be bringing you news about subscribing very soon, but are happy to announce that there will be discounts for regular Loquax users. If you’ve been a forum user then we you’ll be able to subscribe for at least £1 less than other subscribers.

But I Can Get This All For Free

We appreciate you might be thinking that our new magazine will duplicate what’s already on offer on Loquax for free, but it won’t. There will be absolutely no cross over between the online service and the competitions listed in our magazine! That’s guaranteed! Read this far? Excited by our new magazine? Wanting to subscribe? Check the date!


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