Loquax Wins Gold Award from Web User!


Loquax Wins Gold Award from Web User!

Loquax is pleased to annouce that we’ve been awarded Web User’s gold award in their latest review of online competition sites (issue 180, 31st Jan – 13th Feb). In their review Loquax comes out top of the pile by picking up 5/5 for features, ease of use, diversity of competitions and quality of prizes. It’s a nice early 10th birthday present for us. The recognition is perhaps all the more sweeter, as in their previous competition feature, Loquax surprisingly didn’t even get a mention!

Ads Are Not Distracting

You’d be right in thinking we’re very very pleased to have come out on top this time round. The review of Loquax is actually very good. Comments like “ads are not distracting” and “site navigation is pleasantly effortless” are especially pleasing! We did have to read the navigation comment a few times though, surely they don’t mean us? LOL! As well as the good stuff, there are suggestions about how Loquax could be improved. The reviewer suggested registration competitions have their own category – which they do under Types of Competition!

Dated & Cramped

He also suggested Loquax “appears dated” and “cramped”. A valid point, especially as our current “look” has been the same for the last 2 years, which is something of a record. As ever though, myself and Kirsty are proactive in making sure Loquax is the best it can be for our users, so we hope that some minor tweaks to the site in the next few days will give us a fresher feel! We’d like to thank Web User for the award, and as ever our users – as without you we wouldn’t be here having fun running the site!


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