Losing Your Comping Mojo

Losing Your Comping Mojo

For every competition that has a winner there’s always a whole bundle of people who haven’t won. For every newspaper article showing a “Queen of Competitions” there are plenty more compers who struggle day to day for any kind of win. The thing about comping is that it’s not glamourous, it can be hard work and at times it can start to feel a bit of a chore! But many plug on day to day in the hope of getting an LWE whether it’s for a DVD or a brand new car! But at some point though – everyone loses their comping mojo! Not winning is the usual cause! Entering hundreds of competitions a day/week/month without return can become pretty demoralising. Even more so when the same names keep appearing on the winner’s lists. Every day life can often interfere with precious comping time too and with so many ways to comp and so many competitions to enter it can become overwhelming.

Comping Is Meant To Be Fun

If you find comping is becoming a chore and you’re not enjoying it – stop! Comping is meant to be fun, so take time off to do other things. Time is precious and spending it in front of a PC doing something you feel is more work than enjoyment isn’t a good thing to do. This may sound strange advice from a website – after all we want you online all the time don’t we? Well, no, not if you’re not having fun! Taking a break means you can come back to comping fully recharged and ready to take up the challenge again. I head off to the kitchen to make cakes when Loquax starts to get me down… so far I’ve enough cupcakes to stock several bakeries nationwide (joke… just a corner shop, and that’s this week). If taking a break isn’t something you fancy doing then how about having a change instead?

Rethink Your Comping Strategy!

We keep telling you that there are low entry competitions out there. Blogs for example attract very few entries – so perhaps try something different! Most compers will do the easy stuff and overlook other comps in the process. Some will just try for the holidays and cars, but ignore the smaller goodies. So try a new approach and see if that works.

Don’t Fret About Twitter/Facebook Etc.

Most people have limited comping time! If you don’t have time for Twitter/Facebook etc then don’t worry. Yes there are some nice competitions on these services but it’s not the be all and end all of comping. There are plenty of things to have a go at.

Try And Be Positive!

Always tough to be positive during a no win patch, but if you start to think you’re not going to win then that’s going to drain your energy. Enjoy your comping, be positive about what you’re doing and try and have fun.

It’s Not a Job!

Don’t treat comping as a chore or a job. It’s not! If you’re in the mood for it have a go… if you’re not then there’s no harm missing out. You don’t need to do every competition. Tomorrow they’ll be another 100-200 new comps on Loquax – be selective and use your time wisely.

Be More Than Just a Comper! Be a Loquax Comper!

Only read on if you read the above in a seductive M&S advert way – if you didn’t go back and read it again. You don’t have to comp alone… so get involved with a comping community like the forums here at Loquax! You can find compers around the country or in your own area to bounce ideas off, get motivated and hopefully be inspired by. There’s even a chat area which is for anything but comping.

If All Else Fails… Moan!

Moan like mad! For some reason compers feel a good old moan works wonders in getting their mojo back. Some even go for fairies and dust (!) whilst one or two even rub their lucky Buddhas (or lucky ducks)! It all sounds odd to most people, but for some reason it seems to work. Remember it’s meant to be a fun hobby with the added benefit of winning cool stuff (for some people anyway). The internet has made comping less of a solitary pastime too so make sure you get involved with other compers. There’s no point being miserable about not winning on your own… far better to join the rest of us and so we can all be miserable together. LOL!!!!!!