Resolve To Have A Happy Comping New Year

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Resolve To Have A Happy Comping New Year

And so 2011 comes to a close.. and a New Year begins. For many of you they’ll be the usual resolutions of stop smoking, drinking and losing weight but how about some comping resolutions? A couple of years back we suggested that comping was a new hobby to consider for a New Year! Our 5-a-Day has now ended (we felt it was time to move on) but if you fancy having some fun online then why not try winning a few prizes? But what about some resolutions for those of you who already enjoy comping?
Here are a few suggestions for you….

Be More Luck Positive

Sometimes comping can become a bit of a grind – especially when you’re not winning. So resolve to be more lucky in 2012! Firstly take a look at our lucky lucky lucky blog and see if there are some ways you can be more positive about comping.

Try Different Competitions

This is also mentioned in our “lucky lucky lucky” blog – but if you’re set in your ways doing free prize draws then why not have a look at creative comping, Facebook and other types of entries. Perhaps you’re good with a camera or video?

Try Another Hobby

No we’re not trying to get rid of you, but comping can sometimes take up all your time – and a break is as good as a rest. Make time to do something else away from comping! Perhaps you could use your new interest to enter competitions or find competitions around that interest (e.g. photography, cooking, craft work etc).

Get Involved With Loquax

Loquax needs you! Your input is vital to the site so why not resolve to get more involved (ooh that kind of rhymes). Involvement can be posting on the forums, sharing competitions, telling us about errors or new competitions, commenting on our Facebook wall, replying to our blogs, spreading the word about us… anything. A little from a lot does go a long way!

Slow It Down

Comping does sometimes become a bit fast and furious.. let’s slow it down a little! Make sure you’re checking those terms and conditions, reading the questions right and answering the questions right before you enter. Take a moment to perhaps look round the sites you’re visiting. On Facebook watch where you’re posting and don’t just copy what the last person did! Less haste more speed may return better results.

Get On The Anti-Automated Entry Bandwagon

There’s plenty of room for people here! If you see a competition that doesn’t mention “automated entries will be disqualified” then drop them an email. In 2011 we got the word out to a lot of sites, but there’s still plenty of work to do. As above, a few emails by a lot of people covers a lot of ground.

Make Sure Cheats Don’t Prosper

Controversial one perhaps! But why not resolve to make sure cheats don’t prosper. You don’t need to wade in with your size 10s on Facebook and argue publically to do this (as some do). You can highlight duplicate FB accounts, contact brands on Twitter and send emails with concerns you have privately and hopefully with effective results.

Have Fun

The one resolution we can all try and stick too. Comping should be fun! Yes, there will be vote problems, automated entry issues, compers we don’t get on it and the occasional bun fight on the forums… but ultimately we’re a community and the core of that should be about enjoying comping, each others wins and each others company.

And That’s That For 2011

Perhaps you have some suggestions for other compers (or even for us at Loquax – although keep them kind lol). It just remains for us at Loquax to thank you for being with us throughout 2011 and wish you all the best in 2012. As ever, we can’t do this, and wouldn’t do this, without you.

We wish you all a very happy and very lucky New Year.


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