Who Wins 100s Of Sweepstakes?

Who Wins 100s Of Sweeps?

Who Wins 100s Of Sweepstakes?

Our newsletter is going to be a little bit different this month. We’re going to try and be a little less action and a bit more conversational. The thing is, if you receive our newsletter you know where the competitions are (hopefully) so we thought it’s time to try and share things in a different way. Let’s see how we go!!

Win A House Competitions

Somehow, and we’re not sure how, we’ve become ‘experts’ on house raffles. We’ve even had mentions in The Telegraph, Daily Mail, Moneywise and The Sun recently. As this mailer goes out Raffle House will be concluding their draw and we’re hoping that they’ll create a home winner. Everyone else seems to end up with cash winners, whilst an elite few end up with a slap on the wrist from ASA. The latest guys on ASA’s naughty step are Millionaire Mansion. They’re the ones who were due to end their competition in November 2018 and then extended it twelve months whilst scratching their heads and wondering why that decision went down like a lead balloon. Anyway, they’ve since closed the competition – one week before ASA published a ruling against them. Funny that! Read our thoughts on this over on the Loquax Blog.

Power Pets With A G&T

We don’t have cash or houses to giveaway but we do have gadgets and gizmos. If you like odd prizes then our own set of prize draws isn’t a bad place to start. From faces on cushions to odd dinosaur things there’s been a mix of the weird and wonderful. Our latest group of giveaways include a 7 Piece Bar Set and a Personalised G&T glass. As one of us doesn’t drink (that’ll be Jason) it might become obvious which member of the Loquax team is responsible for picking the prizes on a weekly basis. By the way, the Power Pet part of the title refers to another giveaway we’re running. You shouldn’t give pets G&Ts nor should you try charging them with your firewire cables.

The Women Who Win 100s Of Sweepstakes

“I never win anything” is the lament of many a comper. And do you know why you never win? Firstly because you don’t enter our giveaways but also because the prizes are going to the same people, all of which are featured in this article from The Hustle. Actually that’s not true. The article features just two Comping Queens – one from The UK (no prizes for guessing who) and the other from The USA – who have successful comping careers. Some compers don’t particularly like these kind of articles, but they do occasionally pull up a useful takeaway or two that can help motivate you back to winning ways. If you’re struggling to get motivated then it’s always worth reading comping books, blogs and forums just to see if someone else can give you a lift. Our advice is check out the winners forum on Loquax. You may not enjoy reading about Comping Queens but surely Polly winning £10K from Take A Break will inspire you?

Love Island

It’s safe to say that neither of us know much (if anything) about Love Island. Between us we’ve accumulated watching just one episode. What we do know about it is that it’s lent itself to a Slingo game which when you play it is a million miles away from the TV show. In short it’s like us sticking a sandy picture on the site and calling ourselves Love Island Loquax. The other thing we know is that it had a competition. The prize on offer is £40,000 and a Majorca holiday. Now that’d be a nice win wouldn’t it? This Love Island competition sadly is a postal or text entry competition. Texts do cost a couple of quid so you may have to sacrifice a Starbucks this week or opt for the postal route – which to be fair probably isn’t that much cheaper.

Thanks & Congrats

We round up our newsletter by thanking everyone who contributes to Loquax, especially the mods who have been doing an amazing job keeping things ticking over with the listings and forum.
Congrats to all winners of our weekly contributor prize draw. Chris2468, Tiggerzuk, Michie and JanetHumphrey have all won Amazon vouchers. Well done too to our prize draw winners. These are announced on the Loquax Facebook page and include Chris A (Bath Melts), Catherine M (Gin Fizz) and Ruth T (Hamm Piggy Bank). So there we are for this newsletter. Do let us know your feedback and we’ll hopefully tweak things over the coming months to create something that brings a little bit of Loquax to your inbox on a regular basis.


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