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When Loquax first started the concept of a 'daily entry' competition was quite simple. It was a competition or prize draw that was giving out daily prizes! Nowadays that's all gone to pot with daily entry encompassing a whole host of different things.

There are of course daily prize giveaways, but now you have lottery sites like The Free Postcode Lottery, Click2Wins and a whole bundle of Rafflecopters and Gleams that allow you extra entries for entering daily.

Latest Daily Competitions!

Please note that competitions are now posted by users for users in the comping community forums on Loquax. You need to be registered to access!

Daily entry competitions can take up a lot of time, especially if you religously go through picking up extra entries for Rafflecopter and Gleam competitions. Our advice is simply be selective. You don't always have to enter daily for the 'extra entry' comps.

When it comes to lottery sites , again it's about being selective. The Free Postcode Lottery offers the biggest prize so is worth checking daily but on the flipside the newer 'me too' sites may be worth checking out as they may have less entrants.

One place you should definitely be making sure you're entering daily is Loquax's own Prize Draws. You get extra entries for tweeting about our giveaways - the more people who enter then the bigger our prizes will get.

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