Facebook Competitions

The arrival of Facebook completely changed online comping as it offered brands quicker and easier ways to engage with customers. This resulted in loads of prize draws and competitions appearing across multitudes of brands, blogs and other pages. From Like/Share competitions through to creative effort and judging, Facebook is not the source of many big giveaways and prizes. Popular days for Facebook giveaways include #winitwednesday and #freebiefriday.

Facebook Competitions

To take part in Facebook competitions you will need to get used to posting a lot of comments, liking lots of pages, and filling your wall up with shares. This can irritate even your bestest of friends so just be warned. Another useful tip is read the competition post before entering. A lot of comping pages and groups, including Loquax, will share posts but you must enter in the correct place to go in the draw.

Latest Facebook Competitions!

Please note that competitions are now posted by users for users in the comping community forums on Loquax. You need to be registered to access!

Entering Facebook Competitions

If you want some more help and advice about using Facebook then take a look at our comper's guide to Facebook competitions.

However, it's worth noting here that Facebook can be a hive of scam competitions. Be very wary of pages offering 50 iPhones and 30 Range Rovers - they're not real. Our blog about spotting fake competiitons will give you some useful hints and tips.

That said, the Zuckerberg's social media platform has become the place for UK competitions. The prizes vary from vouchers and packets of sweets right the way through to holidays and even cars. As with all comping, do check the terms and conditions (if available) as some giveaways may not be open to UK residents.

The good news is that finding Facebook competitions is relatively easy - although you might have to dig deep for low entry ones. There are of course those listed on Loquax - a selection of the latest are shown below - but just by following a few comping friends you'll soon spot the pages they share. You can also join selected comping groups too.

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