Instagram Competitions

Not every social media network is an oasis of prizes and competitions. Whilst Facebook and Twitter are definitely Premier League, Instagram, Pinterest and others are pretty much League Two levels. There are competitions and prizes to be found on them though, but they're often hard to find or they are just part of a bigger competition mechanic.

Instagram competitions can vary considerably when it comes to entry requirements. For example you may be required to follow a brand, leave a comment or tag a friend. Sometimes you may be asked to regram (repost) a particular image or you may need to get creative and capture an image.

Instagram Competitions

Understanding how Instagram works is key to taking part in these competitions. For example you can do some things like follow, tag and comment via the desktop, but to regram and post images you'll need to use your tablet or mobile. It's also useful to know how to regram an image to take part in a competition.

Latest Instagram Competitions!

Please note that competitions are now posted by users for users in the comping community forums on Loquax. You need to be registered to access!

More About Instagram Competitions

We think that finding Instagram competitions is pretty difficult, but it's not impossible. Our advice is search for the hashtags #competition, #prizes and #competitions and see what pops up. That in itself is quite hit and miss so you may want to keep an eye on the Creative competitions where some Instagram promotions can find themselves listed.

Another thing to keep an eye out for when it comes to IG is that terms and conditions tend to go out the window. This can make it difficult to find UK entry comps and spot closing dates. For more help and advice on Instagram and competitions we suggest taking a look at Superlucky's Guide. We've not written one for IG but Di covers pretty much all you need to know.

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