Rafflecopter Competitions

Rafflecopter is a kind of widget or app that competition organisers use as a way of running their prize draws and competitions. It's easy to set up, it's free at a basic level and it offers multiple opportunities for the promoter to run their giveaway. Like Gleam, it's a popular tool for bloggers who can quickly copy/paste a small amount of code on to their sites and be up and running with a prize promo.

Whilst Rafflecopters are great for siteowners, compers tend to be split! As Rafflecopter often allows entrants to gain numerous entries for undertaking tasks, such as liking, following, sharing, signing up to newsletters etc, it can become tedious. In addition many users of Rafflecopter allow daily entries so that can mean a lot of time spent entering day in and day out.

Rafflecopter Competitions

In our view, the key to Rafflecopter competitions is to be selective. Try and ignore the number of entries as this often misleading and look for comps that don't require too many hoops to jump through. Watch out too for the same competition running across multiple blogs, keep an eye on closing dates (they tend to end a day early) and be aware of worldwide/non-UK sites running giveaways. Don't forget you don't need to complete every task listed to enter!

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More About Rafflecopter Competitions

If you want some more help and advice about Rafflecopter competitions then take a look at Superlucky's guide. As yet we haven't done one and to be fair you'd be hard pushed to find anything better than Di's blog post.

Bloggers or website owners wanting to use Rafflecopter to run their competitions should head over to the Rafflecopter site.

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