Competitions Closing On 23rd October 2018

Although our competition listings have changed in recent years, the format and way they work remains similar. Simply follow a link below and you'll find competitions ending on that date. To help you categorise you'll also be able to sort the listings by prize category, date added to Loquax and sitename. Our tracker will also help you keep on top of things.

For more closing competitions you need to be logged in to Loquax!

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Closing TodayClosing Today: Be quick as these comps are listed to close today, make sure you've got your entries in on time.
Social CompsSocial Comps: Users list Facebook and Twitter comps which run just for one day. Don't miss out on entering!

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New TodayNew Today: Check out all the latest additions to the comping listings with new today - sort the lists by site and prize type.
Winner ListsWinner Lists: If a winner list is spotted then our users will usually post it for all to see - find out if you're on the latest lists.

Using Loquax To Find Closing Comps

After you've logged in to Loquax you'll be presented with a list of forum posts. In each post you'll find details of the competitions posted by users/promoters for you. Follow the links and enter. Once you've entered you can track the competition simply by clicking on the "thanks" button. This removes that comp from your listings. You can also review your tracked entries.

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