Freebie Friday Competitions

Freebie Friday competitions are simply prize draws and giveaways that take place every Friday. They tend to run for a few hours on Twitter and Facebook. Finding Freebie Friday competitions is relatively easy as all you need to do is search for the #freebiefriday hashtag.

These can be found via Twitter also see below and Facebook. Alternatively you can check out our daily social media listings on the forum where Loquax users will share competitions they've found.

You will tend to find a lot more Freebie Friday competitions compared to Win It Wednesday, especially on Twitter which can have over 100 giveaways. Do watch out for the closing dates and times as whilst some finish early, others may run the course of the weekend. Do also be careful with tweeting or commenting on previous week's competitions.

Prizes for #freebiefriday tend to be small but if you've got time then they're worth a go. Look out for the ones which require a bit more interaction than just a like, share, retweet or follow.

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