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The interesting thing with pay to enter prize draw sites (also known as raffle sites) is that they can be dedicated to one genre or subject and still be successful. For example there are a number of brands who only offer customers the chance to win guitars. The most well known of these sites is probably Guitar Gear Giveaway who at time of writing (June 2024) have various items on offer including Fender Limited Edition American Pro Il Thinline Stratocaster, Gibson Les Paul Standard 60’s in Unburst and Fender Custom Telecaster FMT HH in Black Cherry Burst. Ticket prices are quite reasonable too with most being under £2.99. However we did also note one competition priced at £11.99. Other specialist guitar sites include Guitar Frenzy, North West Guitars, Guitar Comps, Daily Guitar Draw, Guitars Giveaway and The Guitar Marketplace. Away from the dedicated sites you may also find guitars, drumkits and other musical items popping up on the bigger brands such as Bounty.

Why Enter Guitar Competitions?

The beauty of pay to enter guitar competitions is that for a small fee you potentially have the chance to own a desirable item worth several thousand pounds. If you're a guitar collector or player these sites may be worth a look. Some are run by dedicated musicians and quite frankly they'll know a heck of a lot more about guitars than we do. Some sites will even purchase your guitar(s) to then giveaway in future competitions. At this point it's well worth mentioning that not all the prizes on offer are brand new. In fact most of the prizes we looked at were second hand. Make sure you read the descriptions of the guitars, especially the condition, before considering whether to spend money or not. Another thing to consider is that one site's 9/10 condition doesn't always equate to another. A good mantra for any pay to enter site is if it doesn't feel right then save your cash for another day.

What Are The Odds Of Winning?

Pay to enter prize draws are always flagged up as "low odds competitions" by are they really that? The maximum tickets available for a guitar prize draw will vary from giveaway to giveaway. For example in the £11.99 draw on Guitar Gear Giveaway there's only 99 tickets. However for the PRS USA Artist II in Dark Cherry Sunburst where tickets are £2.99 then 1999 tickets are available (just under 1000 sold - June 2024). There are many free to enter prize draws listed on Loquax which are have less entries. The only thing is that there's rarely any prize draws for guitars. If you do like free prize draws then we suggest keeping an eye on sites such as UDiscover and HMV. But do people really win at the likes of Guitar Gear Giveaway, The Guitar Marketplace etc. Winners pages can be seen on all the sites mentioned and all run live streams via social media. Of all the featured sites mentioned above our view is that Guitar Gear Giveaway is the best of the bunch.

Featured Competition Sites With Guitar Prizes (3)

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Are Guitar Prize Draw Sites Safe?

Before you choose to pay to enter Guitar prize draws please do check out our reviews. Additionally check out the sites and their social media pages. Do they have recent winners? Are tickets selling for the respective giveaways? Are the owners active on social media? Are there any negative reviews on Facebook or Trustpilot. Remember that pay to enter prize draw sites, or raffle sites, as some prefer to be called - are not regulated in any way.

Are Guitar Competitions Expensive?

Entering these kind of competitions can be expensive and addictive. So just be wary of how much you're spending and treat it as you would any other gambling site. The majority of these sites do not offer options to limit deposits, spending or offer responsible play tools. It also pays to read the terms and conditions! We know this is incredibly tedious but it will give you an indicator of things like closing date extensions and what happens if not enough tickets are sold. At the end of the day you're spending your hard earned cash and you want to make sure you're getting good value for money.

Can I Enter For Free?

Many pay to enter prize draw sites offer entrants the chance to enter without buying a ticket. Instead entrants can enter for "free" by sending in a postal entry. However given that the price of a stamp can be more than the cost of entry the NPN Route is a little redundant. Although competition sites should honour NPN postal entries it's not always easy to know whether they're doing so. Some sites do run free prize draws but you may need to download an app and/or be a customer to enter. The free draws tend to be for prizes like site credit or a token music item rather than an expensive guitar though.

Top Tips For Guitar Raffles

  • 1. Consider using established brands.
  • 2. Check the competition site out before even thinking about spending money.
  • 3. Read reviews, look on social media, check for winners.
  • 4. See if the Guitar is new or used - the condition should be indicated
  • 5. If you have any uncertainty then don't buy a ticket.
  • 6. Raffle sites are unregulated so be wary when you purchase.
  • 7. Watch your costs and don't spend what you can't afford.
  • 8. Consider purchasing an entry when ticket sales are well underway.
  • 9. Be gamble aware at all times!

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