Win A House Near You!

When we restarted the win a house competition watch back at the start of 2017 we didn't expect there to be so many new raffles. Our list has grown considerably to become the most comprehensive in The UK. Other sites do list home competitions but tend to concentrate on selling you tickets - we prefer to get into the nitty gritty.

To help you further we've created the "Win A House Competitions Map" - it gives you a rough idea where each of the home raffles are located across The UK. Is there a competition local to you? By zooming in on the markers you can find out more about the locations and then use streetview to get an even more detailed look.


    Our markers also indicate the competitions that are open and closed, plus you can follow the markers to get more details.

    • Yellow Markers - open competitions
    • Blue Markers - closed competitions, winners announced
    • Grey Markers - closed competitions, no winners


    The location of each marker is down to the postcodes we have for each property. In most cases they're reasonably good, but occasionally Google does skew things a little. If there are any glaring errors then please contact us and we'll amend the co-ordinates we have on the database.

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