3million Dream Home With Raffle House - Cash Winner

Raffle House are offering entrants the chance to win "a dream home worth more than £3million" in their latest prize draw. However unlike in previous draws where the property has been designated this time round the prize is just £3million cold hard cash to achieve your property dreams. Tickets for this one cost from £10 and subscriptions are now an option.

Winner: Veronica M

Launched: 2nd October 2023 Closed: 24th December 2023

Platform: Raffle House

Location: UK, RM14

House Value: £3000000 (6 Bedrooms)

Ticket Price: £10.00 (Free Entry Available)

Tickets Sold: Unknown

Cash Alternative: 70% cash sum (after deductions)

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After revamping their website and offering a £2million house followed by a £2million cash prize, Raffle House have now upped their stakes even more. For their final prize draw of 2023 they've increased the prize pot to £3million so that you can purchase the house of your dreams. With the money you have the chance to extend your current home, purchase a holiday villa or start a property portfolio. The choice is yours. Like the previous promotion Raffle House have overlapped things to encourage customers to take advantage of a 2-for-1 offer - so you have the chance to win two prizes. But there is of course the one minor issue that surrounds pretty much every recent Raffle House prize draw and that is are they selling enough tickets to actually create million pound winners? That said they keep plugging away and people still buy tickets.

About The Property

Usually at this point we explain a little bit about the property that you can win, but there isn't one! However Raffle House have obviously looked at previous draws at realised that whilst million pound dream homes are desirable they also come with their own set of problems. As we've commented on at different times a big house has big costs and they're not always manageable. There's no point owning a million pound property if you're broke. Interestingly a recent Daily Mail article (sorry) explained that only 3 out of 15 Omaze property winners are still in their prize homes. The other 12 have either sold or are selling their winnings. And it's not just big money houses that create issues. One of the big reasons why many property raffles have failed in the past is simply because people either didn't want the property or want to move to the area. Offering cash solves that problem!

How To Enter The Competition & Discounts

To enter the prize draw you simply need to select the number of tickets that you wish to purchase. It now operates in a very similar way to Omaze. For example for £10 you can get 15 tickets, £25 lands you 50 tickets, £100 buys you 100 tickets and there's a massive 2000 tickets should you wish to part with £300. However there is a free postal entry option. Note that you must be registered with Raffle House to use this option. For this prize draw Raffle House are supporting multiple charities and entrants are able to choose from one of over 25 charities to donate to. Like Omaze, Raffle House have also added a subscription option. This apparently gives you three times more tickets than a one-off purchase. Taking the option really depends on your faith in the platform.

Ticket Target

As with Omaze there isn't a ticket target indicated on the site. All we know is that there's a closing date set for the 24th December 2023. This draw also does have an early bird draw. Enter before the 19th November 2023 and you have the chance to win a dream car worth up to £70,000 (or a cash alternative). According to the terms if by the closing date "the actual number of Entries received is less than the required number of Entries, the Competition will close and on the Draw Date there will be a Draw, at the sole discretion of the Promoter, by reference to the proceeds received from the Entries to award to the Winner the Cash Prize". This figure is determined as "70% of the total value of the total Entry Fees received up to the Closing Date net the Promoterís operational costs; less (2) the amount of the Charity Donation".

Our Verdict

There's not really much to add to this particular Raffle House promotion as it's pretty much the same as the last one - except for an extra £1million for the winner - but all the usual concerns and questions apply including are they selling enough tickets to create million pound property winners? If they aren't selling enough tickets then it has to be asked how can they continue to offer these kind of opportunities as "win a million pound house" prize draws? However we know that Raffle House aren't going to be changing their winner announcement policy or giving details of tickets sold so we're no wiser than you guys. In our view limited winner details actually makes it harder for previous entrants to fork out for the next draw. If anything it simply puts people off the idea of win a house prize draws or sends them to the safer shores of Omaze. Enter Competition Here

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