Canterbury Home 2 - Cash Winner

A four bedroom family home located 2 miles from Canterbury city centre is the prize on offer in this surprising addition to FrogHopping property contest platform. This is it's second outing on this platform and tickets have started at 1 each.

Canterbury Home 2

Winner: Magarita P

Launched: 3rd January 2022 Closed: 3rd July 2022

Platform: FrogHopping

Location: Canterbury, Kent, CT2 9BU

House Value: £350000 (4 Bedrooms)

Ticket Price: £1.00 (Free Entry Available)

Tickets Sold: Unknown

Revenue: 588.56 prize

Cash Alternative: 80% cash alternative

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At the end of October 2021 FrogHopping reduced the ticket price of all their property raffles to just 1. It's safe to say that sales at 20 each weren't great and even at a reduced price the cash prizes awarded poor. The biggest win to date is just under 4500. The brand's social media page has also gone. All this adds up to a failing business. However in a surprise move one of the original properties - Canterbury Home - has gone back onto the platform. The first competition was won by Victoria K who took home just 1225.83. Given the poor performance - and the fact that second time around raffles tend to do worse - we're amazed and stunned to see this competition up and running.

About The Property

The second property on the FrogHopping site is a four bedroom, three bathroom semi-detached home in Canterbury. Downstairs is a kitchen/dining area plus living room whilst outside is a large garden which backs on to woodland. There's no secrecy with respect to the location of the home as the postcode and street are provided. There are plenty of pictures to look at and floor plans are also included. These are all things we've been expecting to see from platforms so kudos to FrogHopping for this. FrogHopping contribute a minimum of 1500 towards the winner's solicitor's fees. The remaining costs need to be met by the seller. Note the winner would need to appoint their own solicitor.

How To Enter The Competition

To enter the competition you need to complete your details and answer a multiple choice question. Interestingly you can select all the tickboxes which is something that needs to be addressed. Furthermore you aren't told whether the answer you have selected is right or wrong. Make sure you double check your answers with Google! You're then redirected to a payment page and then payment is required. One thing that we do like about FrogHopping is that they do offer the option to make a purchase as a gift. You can opt-in to have "an additional, complimentary ticket to be sent to a friend of your choice".

Over 600,000 Tickets?

The owner of the property has set a minimum ticket revenue of over 475,000 plus a ticket price of 1. This means that they need to sell at least 600,000 tickets (if our maths is correct) for the property to be sold. Note that there isn't a maximum number of tickets that can be sold. The competition has been set to run for six months and as we've seen in previous raffles extensions can be implemented. If insufficient tickets are sold then a cash prize alternative is paid out. This we think is around 80% of the total revenue? The rest is retained by the company. We're unclear whether any donations are being made to charity.

Our Verdict

The only thing we're wondering with this competition is "why"! Why are the hosts running the prize draw again when the first one failed so badly? Why are they using FrogHopping who to date have pretty much been useless in terms of attracting entries? Why would anyone enter? Why have FrogHopping decided to drop their social media presence? Additionally, second time round raffles never do well as original entrants shy away and others suspect that the first time round was a scam. Trying to be positive the entry fee is more attractive at 1 but on the flipside that does mean the platform needs to get a lot more users involved. The competition also means FrogHopping expects to be with us a little longer. That said we can't see this being a success.

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