Coulsdon Townhouse 2 - Cash Winner

After creating a cash prize winner on Raffall the owners of Coulsdon Townhouse are re-raffling the property but this time on their own platform. This time round the tickets cost 15 each with 50,000 going to charity if the property is won.

Winner: Hayley Davies

Launched: 28th June 2021 Closed: 1st September 2021

Location: Coulsdon, CR3

House Value: £700000 (3 Bedrooms)

Ticket Price: £15.00 (Free Entry Available)

Minimum Ticket Target: 80000

Tickets Sold: 2117 Revenue: £31755 (Estimated)

Cash Alternative: 60% of ticket sales

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Coulsdon Townhouse 2

Earlier this year Yumi Palmer put Couldson Townhouse up for raffle via Raffall. The aim of the competition was to sell the property and start ball rolling so that she and her family could emigrate down under and start a new life in Australia. The original competition - which we were told to remove by the host - sold an impressive 133,000+ tickets but still fell short of the target. The hosts are now re-running the competition but this time on their own site. Once again we're not linking to the actual competition page as on the first competition the host complained about our link and review.

About The Property

We're assuming nothing has changed between this and the original competition. The townhouse itself has three bedrooms, two with en-suite. The owners say there's scope to convert to four bedrooms and we assume that may be by changing the use of the office/study. Downstairs is an open plan kitchen, garden with patio and grass plus there's a driveway that can house two cars. The property also benefits from solar panels. Other details about the property do seem to be quite limited on the website. Therefore we don't know anything about furnishings, stamp duty, solicitor's fees etc.

How To Enter The Competition

To enter the prize draw you simply need to select the number of tickets you wish to buy and then answer a multiple choice question about the capital of Turkey. Note that you won't be told whether you're right or wrong. Your tickets are then added to the cart. From there you'll then need to go to the checkout and complete the purchase. Tickets can be bought using credit cards or Paypal. A no purchase postal entry is available in the terms - we think that the information does apply to the house competition. If enough tickets are sold then 50,000 will be donated to charities that include Sporting Minds and The Alzheimer's Society. If not enough tickets are sold then the donation will be "10% of the proceedings".

80,000 Ticket Sales

The promoter hopes to sell 80,000 tickets (total revenue 1.2million) by September 2021 in order to conclude the draw. In comparison the hosts previous competition was for 500,000 tickets at 3 each. They also had a six month window to sell tickets compared to two for this competition. However the rules do state "If it is absolutely necessary to do so, we reserve the right to change the closing dates / minimum number of entrants". If insufficient tickets are sold - and no more extensions applied - then the winners will receive a share of the compensation amounting to 60% of all ticket sales.

Our Verdict

It's interesting to see another host trying again with a house raffle and even more so on their own platform rather than Raffall or FrogHopping. However we do wonder about the logic of raising the price to 15 when at 3 a ticket not enough tickets were sold. We think the price may put off those who fancied a punt at a couple of quid last time round. The hosts also have to go it alone and don't have Raffall's marketing or email lists to help boost sales. This will make it tougher to get those much needed sales. In our view the website needs a lot more detail for entrants, especially new ones who may not know about the original raffle. Another point is that if this ends up as a cash prize the winner will get just 60% this time round not 75% had it been run on Raffall.

Coulsdon Townhouse 2 Discussion

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