Draw A House - Closed - Refunds

A 5 bedroomed property in Airdrie is on offer in this competition. We estimate that well over 300,000 tickets will need to be sold for the property to be won. Answer a question to enter the prize draw.

Launched: 1st March 2019 Closed: 20th December 2020

Location: Airdrie, North Lanarkshire, ML60BD

House Value: £570000 (5 Bedrooms)

Ticket Price: £3.50 (Free Entry Available)

Minimum Ticket Target: 300000

Tickets Sold: Unknown

Cash Alternative: 70% of ticket sales

Referral Scheme: Yes (5000 Reward)


This Scottish property is described as having five bedrooms, four public rooms, sun room, large conservatory area and an attic sauna room. Situated in landscaped gardens it was built in the early 1900s. The owners suggest that it is close to Airdrie train station and within reasonable travel distance to Edinburgh and Glasgow.

Cash Prize Alternative

The first thing you notice about Draw A House is that it advertises the ticket price at 2.50. However you will be charged a 1 booking fee. The good news is that if you purchase more than one ticket at the same time then the admin fee is still 1. Because the ticket price is quite low this means that a large number of tickets will need to be sold. When we looked at the checkout it informed us that 387921 items were still available. Assuming this was originally set at 400,000 this means just 12,000 tickets have been sold to date.

If insufficient tickets are sold then a cash prize will be awarded to the winner. According to the rules the cash prize will be "70% of the total funds held". In case you're wondering about how much Draw A House receives then they will take "reasonable administrative costs, not to exceed 30% of net payments received". If all tickets are sold then we estimate that the total income will be 1million. Note that the ticket numbers are based on our assumptions because the rules give no indications of minimum or maximum sales.

Charity Donations

On a positive note 10% of the sales will be donated to St Andrews Hospice. However there's no indication whether this will be honoured if the property is not won. To enter the competition you will need to answer a multiple choice question. As far as we are aware the answer can't be found on the website but it's relatively easy to Google the answer. We're not quite sure this question is sufficient enough in terms of "skill" but the rules claim that the competition has "been scrutinised by solicitors".

This competition launched in March 2019 but has had little to no coverage. The Scottish Sun published an article and there's very limited social media content. In fact the website doesn't even reference their Facebook page. Other information to consider is that the property was listed for sale in March 2017 for offers over 460,00. It was unsold and perhaps explains why the owners have opted for a competition instead.

Competition Delayed

Draw A House was originally due to close on 1st March 2020. This date was extended until the end of the month. However due to the current Covid-19 situation the webiste has the following notice: "The competition has been postponed until 20/12/20 The Keys are now with St Andrews Hospice for their use during this period". Whilst we understand the delay, we're unable to find out any further details. It does seem that you can still purchase tickets which is strange as the end of March date was set because the property would be given away.

A further point worth noting. The link we use is an affiliate link. This means we may earn revenue from any ticket sales. This worked for a period of time up until the site had payment issues. After that whilst we still generated sign-ups no one seemed to purchase a ticket after that. We don't believe that and think the affiliate set up changed. Whilst this doesn't effect the competition or your entry we're just making a note for our own reference.

Competition Cancelled

Despite running for nearly two years, the competition has been cancelled right at the last moment. Details about this decision seem to be limited at the moment other than a small notice on the website. There's been no announcement on social media. Enter Competition Here

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