Elatus Developments - Closed

Robbie Fowler's Elatus Development has donated a flat in this Stay Home To Win A Home raffle. Money raised from this competition will be donated to front line charities or services that are fighting against Covid-19

Launched: 1st April 2020 Closed: 29th May 2020

Location: Liverpool, L3 3JE

House Value: £121000

Ticket Price: £10.00 (Free Entry Available)

Tickets Sold: 1359 Revenue: £13590 (Estimated)

The prize on offer is a one bedroom apartment in the St Annes Gardens development. St Annes Gardens is located on St Annes Street in Liverpool. The property is valued at 121,000 and will be ready in Autumn/Winter 2021. All costs will be covered except for legal expenses for exchange of contracts. Ongoing service chargaes will be applicable for the apartment.

How To Enter The Competition

As this is a new development there's not much detail about the specific property you can win. However there is a brochure that can be downloaded that explains more about the development. Images of rooms are shown on the website too and these look very nice. We're assuming that the property will have the basics installed such as kitchen and bathroom but it's not clear whether carpets, furniture etc are part of the prize.

To enter the competition you need to answer one question about Robbie Fowler and purchase a ticket. A ticket costs 10 and there doesn't seem to be any limit to the number you can buy. Also there's no indication in the rules whether entrants are restricted to UK only. The competition is scheduled to end on the 29th May 2020 with the prize draw taking place at 8pm on 30th May. The rules do not specify if a fixed number of tickets need to be sold but does indicate that the "competition can be extended at any time".

Stay Home To Win A Home

On a positive note this promotion is to raise funds for front line charities and services that are fighting Covid-19. According to the terms "money raised will go to frontline services in way of needed equipment, or services minus any costs". Unfortunately there's no information within the terms about what those costs may be although Elatus Development do say that a full report will be available on request. There's no indication of what will be retained and/or donated if insufficient tickets are sold. A cash prize alternative can be awarded if the competition is cancelled.

It's hard to not like the motive behind this particular promotion, however it does look like a hastily put together competition. The terms lack detail about how many tickets need to be sold for the property to be awarded. We can assume the promoters want to cover the costs of the apartment and make a substantial donation to charity so predict at least 10,000 tickets will need to be sold. Enter Competition Here

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