Giveaway Genie - Cash Winner

A three bedroom property in the North East - we're assuming Hartlepool - is the first competition on a new platform called Giveaway Genie. Tickets cost just £2. Donations will also be made to Hartlepool’s Alice House Hospice.

Winner: TBC

Launched: 7th February 2021 Closed: 30th June 2021

Location: Hartlepool, TS24

House Value: £90000 (3 Bedrooms)

Ticket Price: £2.00 (Free Entry Available)

Minimum Ticket Target: 75000

Tickets Sold: Unknown

Cash Alternative: 80% of the net profits

Referral Scheme: Yes (£5000 Reward)


Giveaway Genie are the latest site to enter the property competition market. They're starting off with a modest three bedroom home valued at just under £90,000! The exact location is a bit of a mystery and is simply given as North East. However given the media coverage and chosen charity we're going to suggest that this is a Hartlepool home. At the moment we've not been able to firm up the exact postcode and map reference. However there are "close transport links, including the train station and town centre". The property is described as ideal for rental if you're not thinking of living there.

About The Property

The property itself has three bedrooms which are served by a brand new white bathroom suite. A modern kitchen with high gloss grey cabinets is has also recently been fitted. In fact the whole house has been recently renovated, painted and decorated. There are some very professional looking photos on the site as well as a video tour to highlight the renovation. The winner of the house - if it gets that far - will receive an unfurnished home however all legal fees and stamp duties will be paid.

How To Enter The Competition

Tickets for the competition cost £2 each however there are free tickets if you purchase more. For example buy 10 tickets to get one free, buy 30 tickets to get 3 free. Once you've selected the number of tickets you wish to purchase a multiple choice 'skill' question needs to be answered. If you get the answer wrong you are told so before you purchase. All entrants will receive a referral code and a £5000 prize draw is running for those who wish to share their code. Additionally a No Purchase Necessary postal route is available should you wish to opt fo this method of entry.

75,000 Tickets

Giveaway Genie require a minimum of 75,000 paid tickets (£150,000 revenue) to be purchased by the end of June 2021 (extended from April) for the house to be awarded. If they reach this target beforehand the competition does not close as ticket sales can reach a maximum of 500,000 paid tickets (£1million revenue). The promoter reserves the right to extend the closing date by 3 months if the minimum number of paid tickets has not been reached. There are no limits to the number of tickets anyone can buy!

If after any extension not enough tickets are sold then a cash prize will be awarded. According to the terms "80% of the net profits generated from the paid for ticket sales will be paid to the winner of the Main Draw". A share prize will also be awarded and this is calculated as 10% of the net profits generated. As mentioned Hartlepool's Alice House Hospice will benefit from charitable support. They will receive either 75% of retained profit or 10% of the net ticket sales depending on which amount is the largest.

Our Verdict

There are some impressive elements to Giveaway Genie. The site does seem very well put together and there's been plenty of thought gone into the images, tour etc. The site is also very simple to use and kudos to them for that. We like the fact that their first property competition is for a normal family home rather than a grandiose affair. We also love that they will reward people who share their links regardless whether the house is won or not. A lot of property competitions want the referrals but don't reward the efforts unless the promotion is succesful.

We do think that the ticket target may be just on the slightly higher side especially as the company aren't paying referral fees to the likes of Raffall. However there will be payment costs, charitable donations, prizes and admin costs to consider. We're less keen on the maximum ticket sales element - our view is that they should award the property as soon as they hit 75,000 sales if that occurs before the closing date. Enter Competition Here

Giveaway Genie Discussion

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