Mckinney Competitions - Home Winner

A 3 bedroom apartment in Belfast City Centre plus a 2109 Range Rover were the prizes on offer in this competition. Blink and you'd have missed it as despite the 99.97 ticket price this Ireland based raffle site sold out all 6999 tickets in just a few days.

Winner: Colin Morrissey

Launched: 26th March 2021 Closed: 2nd April 2021

Platform: McKinney Competitions

Location: Belfast,

House Value: £400000 (3 Bedrooms)

Car: Range Rover Sport

Ticket Price: £99.97 (Free Entry Available)

Tickets Sold: 6999 Revenue: £699690.03 (Estimated)


We were notified of this competition just before Easter and thought that it'd be still up and running for our next update. However McKinney Competitions managed to sell out very quickly. The service is a raffle site much like Elite Competitions that usually offers cars and cash prizes. However in this case they opted to giveaway an apartment in Belfast plus car or a 400,000 alternative. Given how some raffles struggle to sell tickets at 2 each we're always amazed how tickets at almost 100 are rapidly snapped up. It does seem that the Irish do love a property raffle!

As this competition has been and gone before we've managed to review it we've decided not to go into much detail here. This page is simply for reference and to keep our database of property raffle successes up to date. Given the reaction to this particular promotion we would not be surprised to see McKinney jump in and do something similar in the near future. Hopefully next time round we'll be able to let you know about it before all the tickets have sold out.

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