Millionaire Mansion - Cash Winner

Win a 2.3million mansion located in Devon, Rolls Royce and 50K! The competition was to close 11/18 but the promoters have extended the competition by 12 months!

Winner: Michael Salmon (100,000?)

Launched: 1st December 2017 Closed: 26th June 2019

Location: Near Tiverton, EX16

House Value: £2300000

Ticket Price: £10.50 (Free Entry Available)

Tickets Sold: Unknown

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The prize includes a 3-hole golf course, swimming pool, gym, self-contained apartment, a fully stocked wine cellar and bar, staff for a year as well as bills paid for a year. A further 9 x 10,000 cash prizes are offered provided the competition concludes successfully.

500,000 Tickets Need To Be Sold

Only residents of England, Scotland and Wales are allowed to enter. Residents of Northern Ireland aren't permitted. Answer a multiple question about Nelson's Fleet to take part. If less than 500,000 tickets are sold by the closing date (originally November 2018) then a cash prize of at least 100,000 will be awarded.

The competition aims to raise a lot of money for a number of charities. According to the website they're aiming to raise up to 2 million! 2 from each ticket you buy will be donated to the likes of British Red Cross, Balloons, Help For Heroes, Make A Wish Foundation and Edna Adan Foundation.

Not Recommended

Despite these good intentions, as of November 2018 we have assigned our first "not recommended" tag to a win a home competition. The organisers, Olgivie Promotions, have extended the closing date from November 2018 to November 2019. This is despite of their terms and conditions only carrying an extension clause "in the event of exceptional circumstances".

Closing date extensions are not unusual with win a house contests. In fact most of the closed competitions listed on Loquax have at some point extended their closing dates. These extensions are always outlined in the initial terms and conditions and are typically 3 to 6 months long. Entrants know what to expect when they sign up and these terms usually only come in to play due to poor ticket sales.

Exceptional Circumstances?

As far as we are aware, and from reading comments on Facebook, the promoters have not divulged to anyone the "exceptional circumstances" that warrant their huge closing date change. In our opinion, and having followed the competition since launch, we don't believe that there have been exceptional circumstances to extend the closing date by 12 MONTHS. Whilst the competition did have early technical issues (The BBC) these did not prevent Millionaire Mansion from advertising or running their competition to November 2018.

In our opinion, the 12 month extension imposed by Millionaire Mansion plus the lack of transparency regarding the "exceptional circumstances" is an insult to all those people who purchased under the original terms. They expected the competition to end in November 2018 and for the house to be awarded or a cash alternative if ticket sales were insufficient. These initial terms have not been met and this is why we feel we can no longer recommend this competition to Loquax visitors.

If you've already purchased a ticket and are unhappy about these changes then we advise complaining to the promoters directly or via social media. You may also wish to raise the issue of the closing date change with Advertising Standards (ASA) and Trading Standards.

Early Closure

Despite a new closing date of November 2019, Millionaire Mansion dramatically closed their competition at the end of June 2019. They say that they had no choice and that they'd been dealing with complaints referred to ASA. This had resulted in "significant legal costs".

The promoters named Michael Salmon as the winner of the competition. We believe the prize was 100,000. A further 9 x 10,000 prizes were also awarded whilst 20% of ticket sales were paid out to charities. We understand the ASA investigation is ongoing. Enter Competition Here

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