New Haven Home - Cash Winner

A stunning moderen four bedroom home located in New Haven, Dorset is the prize on offer in this home competition. Running on a new property platform, Frog Hopping, tickets for this one will cost 20 each with payments being made via Paypal.

Winner: Sinead A

Launched: 7th February 2021 Closed: 7th November 2021

Platform: FrogHopping

Location: New Haven Dorset, BH14 9NS

House Value: £800000 (4 Bedrooms)

Ticket Price: £20.00

Tickets Sold: 1108

Revenue: 5507.93 revenue - 4406.34 prize

Cash Alternative: 80% cash alternative


This is one of two properties currently listed on a new platform called FrogHopping. They say that their service is the easy way to land your perfect pad. FrogHopping is a trading name of Zelar Investments Ltd, a company that was incorporated at the start of 2021 by Jeff Baker. The site itself is OK and there are some nice elements, especially the estate agent feel to the listings. However there are a few issues and entrants need to consider these before deciding to enter. However before we get on to them let's just take a look at the property on offer.

How To Enter The Competition

The first property on the FrogHopping site is a four bedroom, five bathroom modern looking property in Dorset. It's set over three floors and boasts a large kitchen, south facing garden and a large driveway. There's no secrecy with respect to the location of the home as the postcode and street are provided. There are plenty of pictures to look at and floor plans are also included. These are all things we've been expecting to see from platforms so kudos to FrogHopping for this. FrogHopping contribute a minimum of 1500 towards the winner's solicitor's fees. The remaining costs need to be met by the seller. Note the winner would need to appoint their own solicitor.

To enter the competition you need to complete your details and answer a multiple choice question. Interestingly you can select all the tickboxes which is something that needs to be addressed. Furthermore you aren't told whether the answer you have selected is right or wrong. Make sure you double check your answers with Google! You're then redirected to a payment page and then payment is required via Paypal. This is a potential problem as Paypal aren't too keen on their service being used for raffles. We think FrogHopping seriously need to look at using an alternative payment method as soon as possible.

Over 50,000 Tickets

The owner of the property has set a minimum ticket revenue of over 1million plus a ticket price of 20. This means that they need to sell at least 52500 tickets (if our maths is correct) for the property to be sold. Note that there isn't a maximum number of tickets that can be sold. All competitions on the site run for three months and as far as we can see there are no extensions. If insufficient tickets are sold then a cash prize alternative is paid out. This we think is around 80% of the total revenue? The rest is retained by the company who also say that they will donate 20% of the remaining revenue to Shelter UK.

The site does provide a couple of examples regarding how they determine if enough tickets have been sold. In one example they show what happens if 80% of sales are made. We think there is an error here because the amount paid as cash is shown is the 80% minus the stamp duty due. As the stamp duty isn't due (as the house hasn't been won) then we'd expect the 80% to be the full 80%. Another interesting note is that if a competition attracts over 150% of revenue then the site retains all revenue over 150%.

Should You Enter?

New platforms and/or new home competitions are always a risk. They have no history and no background, but everyone has to start somewhere. The property on offer is attractive and would make a lovely family home. However at 20 a ticket it's up in the most expensive ticket bracket and pretty much no properties complete when the ticket price is high. Entry via Paypal is a risk for the site as Paypal could pull out at any time. They don't like raffle sites. Refunds if a competition is cancelled is not mentioned in the terms but if you pay via Paypal then you should have some protection.

As a new site FrogHopping also needs to build an audience otherwise these competitions aren't going to attract entrants. From what we can sellers are going to have to still work hard - as they do on their own sites or via Raffall - in order to sell the tickets. This basically means the first few listings on the site are going to have a much tougher time than later listings - if - the site is successful. Selling 50,000 tickets at 20 each in just three months on a brand new platform may be a tall order.

The competition closing date has been extended from May to November! Enter Competition Here

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