Omaze Miami Dream House - Home Winner are giving entrants the chance to win a multimillion dollar property in the Kendal Ranches neighborhood of Miami. This stunning home has 7 bedrooms and 6 bathrooms. Worth almost $3million you can enter from just $5. Unfortunately this is no longer open to UK entries but remains for reference.

Winner: Peter C

Launched: 29th July 2021 Closed: 17th December 2021

Platform: Omaze

Location: Miami, USA,

House Value: £1800000 (7 Bedrooms)

Ticket Price: £3.50 (Free Entry Available)

Tickets Sold: Unknown

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Omaze UK are relatively new and have been responsible for creating a number of property winners already. is the US/Worldwide version of the brand and they've been active for quite some time offering money can't buy experiences and prizes. In this competition you have the chance to win a home in Miami or a cash alternative worth $1.8million. Although mainly aimed at the US market the competition terms do indicate that other visitors worldwide (there are some exclusions) are also able to enter. Entry can either be via donation or a free entry route which is available online. We've therefore decided to add the competition to our listing.

About The Property

The home boasts 7 bedrooms and just the 6 bathrooms as well as "a wet bar, a custom kitchen that opens to the outdoor kitchen and pool, space for a gym and office, plus an elevator". Who has an elevator? South Beach, Wynwood is just a short drive away! Furnishings don't seem to be included but we're assuming that all the legal costs etc are covered by Omaze. No details are provided with respect to running costs or potential rental income. As an alternative to the house the winner can elect to take a cash prize but note that this is paid out at the rate of $150,000 a month for 12 months. Still we're pretty sure you'd manage if you won!

How To Enter The Competition

Tickets for the competition cost $5 for 5 entries. Unfortunately you can't purchase less than $5 worth of tickets. Other ticket packages cost $10 (20 entries), $25 (125 entries), $50 (500 entries), $100 (1200 entries) and $150 (2000 entries). For a free entry you can send your details via an online form - for UK competitions it's postal so it's well worth using this option. Follow the "Enter without contributing" link from the competition page to locate the form. The terms suggest you get 2000 entries! Worth noting is that on the free entry page there's a link to make a donation of $2 to help good causes and that puts 2 entries in your basket.

Guaranteed Prizes

As with other Omaze competitions, we think that it's worth entering as the prize is guaranteed even if not enough tickets are sold. This means there will be a home winner and no competition extensions. If you do win and don't fancy taking on the property then there's always that cash alternative to consider. However before you enter our advice to all Loquax visitors is just double check the terms before spending any money. We've read the terms a few times now and can't see any indication that UK entrants are excluded but there are some countries such as Italy, Turkey and China who aren't eligible for participation.

Our Verdict

There's no denying this is a stunning looking property but maybe moving to Miami isn't high up for UK entrants. The cash alternative therefore adds a bit of interest here. Although it's aimed more at North America visitors (USA/Canada), this competition isn't as expensive as the UK versions plus there's the option to enter online. With that in mind it's well worth checking out. If we discover that UK entrants aren't allowed to enter then we'll update the review accordingly - but feel free to discuss this raffle in the comments below.


We understand that these contests now no longer accept UK entries. Enter Competition Here

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