Omaze The Wimbledon House - Home Winner

For their 5th house competition, that's supporting GOSH, Omaze are offering you the chance to win a £3.5million property in Wimbledon. And as before they're offering this incredible house to one guaranteed winner. Ticket packages cost from £10 but a postal entry route is available.

Winner: Heekyoung Jin

Launched: 22nd June 2021 Closed: 21st November 2021

Platform: Omaze

Location: Wimbledon, SW20

House Value: £3500000 (4 Bedrooms)

Ticket Price: £10.00 (Free Entry Available)

Tickets Sold: Unknown

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Whilst other property platforms struggle, Omaze continue to amaze with their raffles that always guarantee home winners whilst raising funds for good causes. This competition, their fifth in The UK, gives entrants the chance to win another stunning looking property. It is located in the Wimbledon area and according to the site it has had a recent valuation of over £3,500,000. It is in walking distance of Wimbledon Common and Village and we believe, thanks to Loquax user Max who is brilliant and figuring out locations, it's on a road called Copse Hill.

About The Property

The home boasts "four bedrooms, four bathrooms and two living areas". There's also an "open-plan fully fitted kitchen-dining area that opens up onto a stunning freshly landscaped garden". In addition you'll find a home-gym, office and ample garage space. It's not clear whether the property comes fully furnished or not? However there’s no mortgage, no stamp duty or conveyancing to pay. Omaze suggest that the property "would be ideal for holiday and long term lets" but don't disclose how much rent could be realised should you undertake this option. Nor do they provide information regarding general costs such as council taxes etc. A £20,000 cash prize will be included though to help you settle in!

How To Enter The Competition

Tickets for the competition cost £10 for 15 entries. Unfortunately you can't purchase less than £10 worth of tickets. Other ticket packages cost £25 (40 entries), £50 (85 entries) and £150 (320 entries). For a free entry you can send a postcard or envelope to the address given on the website. This is worth doing as "once a postal entry has been processed it will be entered in to the next available draw and all subsequent draws until the final Grand Prize drawing". Confusingly the terms state you can make one entry via the free entry route and then says that there is "no limit to the number of entries" made that way!

Guaranteed Prizes

As we mentioned in the other competitions, we think that it's worth entering this Omaze competition as the prize is guaranteed even if not enough tickets are sold. This means there will be a home winner and no competition extensions. Additionally there are early bird entry prizes on offer and the chance to win weekly cash prizes. For example enter before June 27th 2021 and you could win a Audi R8 Spyder V10 Performance Quattro. In terms of good causes, GOSH will also benefit from ticket sales. Note that the competition is open to UK residents only.

Our Verdict

We do wonder whether Omaze's prize draws may be taking people away from other house competitions. After all the properties are life changing and the prizes are guaranteed. They've also got form with property winners and plenty of media to go along with it. This isn't Omaze's fault by the way but maybe other raffles need to up their games? As for the property here? We'd like to see more details about rental possibilities and for Omaze to provide info about upkeep costs. The £20K cash to "get you settled in" is good but not so great if owning a £3.5million house initially sucks up any cash you have available. Worth a punt and of course there's always the postal route to try too. Enter Competition Here

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