Omaze Win A Norfolk House - Home Winner

Omaze are heading to Norfolk for their latest prize draw. On offer is an amazing five bedroom property worth 4.5million and that comes fully furnished and even boasts it's own swimming pool. The winner will also receive 100,000 cash. This draw is helping to raise funds for the RNLI.

Winner: Daren Bell

Launched: 18th July 2023 Closed: 28th August 2023

Platform: Omaze

Location: Norfolk, NR25 7BG

House Value: £4500000 (5 Bedrooms)

Ticket Price: £10.00 (Free Entry Available)

Tickets Sold: Unknown

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It looks like that Omaze are definitely now moving to a quicker turnaround when it comes to their property prize draws. Like it's predecessor this prize draw is only running for just six weeks and with a much more expensive home on offer it's safe to assume that Omaze's subscription model is working. Anyway on offer this time round is a 4.5million five bedroom stylish property in Norfolk. This property is well documented on the internet - just search for Bliss Blakeney! It was up for sale in May 2022 and had an asking price of 4.9million according to Norfolk Live although House Beautiful suggest the original asking price was 6million! According to idSystems the build was done by Lisa Lipscomb and her partner Daniel Broch. It consists of a Finnish flat pack system! As you'd expect a property like this doesn't escape the attention of Grand Designs.

About The Property

The property is stunning and comprises the main house, an annexe known as the cabin and an office area known as the hub. The living area has four bedrooms, four on the first floor and a 5th on the ground floor. The annexe comprises a further four bedrooms which makes it ideal for rental, AirBNB etc. This property has everything including a gym with sauna, cinema room, balcony from the main bedroom, surf shack, garage, covered parking, wellbeing space and oh yes there's even a swimming pool. If all that wasn't enought to excite you then a 100,000 cash prize will be included though to help you settle in to your new home. All furnishings are included and you can check it all out in fine detail by viewing the gallery on the Omaze website. If you win and are thinking about rental opportunities then Omaze suggests that you can realise a rent of up to 5000 per month.

How To Enter The Competition

To enter the prize draw you simply need to purchase tickets. Tickets for the competition cost 10 for 15 entries. Unfortunately you can't purchase less than 10 worth of tickets. Other ticket packages cost 25 (40 entries), 50 (85 entries) and 150 (320 entries). A subscription service is also available. Pay 10 a month for 30 entries. Do check the terms before siging up for this! For a free entry you can send a postcard or envelope to the address given on the website. This is worth doing as "once a postal entry has been processed it will be entered in to the next available draw and all subsequent draws until the final Grand Prize drawing". Postal entries have an equal chance of winning as any one paid entry. If a postal entry wins a prize there will be no further purchase or payment necessary to be notified of the win or to receive the prize.

Guaranteed Prizes

As we mentioned in the other competitions, we think that it's worth entering this Omaze competition as the prize is guaranteed even if not enough tickets are sold. This means there will be a home winner and no competition extensions. Additionally there are early bird entry prizes on offer and the chance to win weekly cash prizes. For example enter before 13th August 2023 and you could win 250,000 cash. Gift vouchers are also being given away in Big Dreamer giveaways that will also take place during the promotion and each segment of this part of the draw will create up to 5000 winners. In terms of good causes, The RNLI will also benefit from ticket sales. Omaze has guaranteed a minimum total payment of 100,000 for the charity but suggest that they expect to donate up to one million. Note that the competition is open to UK residents only.

Our Verdict

Unusually for Omaze properties this one was quite easy to find out about given the numerous links across the internet. It is a stunning property and it has everything you could imagine a house needs. The annexe area looks like a perfect option for rentals if you wanted to live the life of luxury in the main home. The swimming pool looks great although we wonder how often it can be used given the traditional UK weather. One thing that we'd still like to see from Omaze is some guide to estimated running costs. Whilst 100,000 cash is a welcome extra with their property prizes it's not so great if most of that gets burnt through maintaining the property, paying energy costs, insurance, taxes etc. Even more so if the property takes a fair few months to actually sell. It'd be interesting to know if any Omaze winners have actually found themselves down on their own cash before they've been able to sell on to become millionaires? Anyway this looks like a decent prize and we'll be looking forward to seeing the comments from people below as to what they think. Enter Competition Here

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