Prize Home Donegal - Home Winner

An estate in Co. Donegal comprising farmhouse, hostel, camping facilities and outbuildings plus a nice 50,000 cash is the prize available in this competition. This could be an ideal prize for anyone looking for a new life in Ireland. Running on the popular Raffall platform tickets cost 10 each.

Winner: Robert D

Launched: 10th February 2021 Closed: 14th May 2021

Platform: Raffall

Location: Donegal, Ireland,

House Value: £500000 (3 Bedrooms)

Extras: Includes 50000 Cash

Ticket Price: £10.00 (Free Entry - See 5.6 in Terms)

Tickets Sold: 50818 Revenue: £508180 (Estimated)

Cash Alternative: 75% of ticket sales


Whilst some house prizes are simple new home affairs others offer a lot more potential in terms of a completely new life. Prize Home Donegal is such a prize as there's a lot on offer. Not only could the winner get themselves a new home but there's potential for business thanks to an additional building that was used as a hostel. There's also camping facilities as well as a workshop area. How much work needs to be done to get these facilities up to speed we don't know but the 50,000 cash included in the prize should more than help any winner get their new life underway. Although the property has previously been up for sale on the open market we can't find a valuation and therefore have made an estimate.

How To Enter The Competition

The main farmhouse comprises three bedrooms with the potential for a fourth thanks to a modern extension. There's office space, kitchen, living room and dining room - which is what you'd expect but very little else is given in terms of description. Head to Facebook though and you discover the property comes fully furnished. The hostel in fact gets more explanation on the competition page and it boasts 18 bunk beds. A video of the property alongside a number of images can be viewed on the Raffall competition page and also on Facebook. All costs, fees and taxes will be covered by the owner. No valuation has been given by the owner so we have estimated it for now.

To enter the raffle you need to be registered with Raffall. This can be done via Facebook or email login. Once at the house raffle page it's a case of answering a question and purchasing tickets. The question pops up in a window which we found disappeared very quickly. Tickets only cost 10 and there's no limit to the number you can purchase. You can purchase online using debit cards. A donation of 5% will be made to Beaumont Hospital Foundation.

150,000 Ticket Sales

The promoter hopes to sell 150,000 tickets (total revenue 1.5million) by May 2021 in order to conclude the draw. If insufficient tickets are sold then the winners will receive a share of the compensation amounting to 75% of all ticket sales. All compensation payments are guaranteed and paid directly by Raffall Limited. This is a little bit different to house competitions run by individuals and should offer more assurance to entrants.

The number of Irish properties going to raffle continues to increase and there's a real mix on offer. This one is quite interesting with respect to the lifestyle potential it offers. However it is a lot of property and strangely that can put off entrants. Whilst the idea of taking on a farmhouse and potential business sounds great these things can cost time and money. The 50K is a nice extra as part of the package though. If you're interested we suggest checking out the Facebook page for the competition as it shows better images - and the main farmhouse looks very nice. Usually we'd say 10 was a bit pricey but Irish property competitions seem to do well at whatever price so this one could go the distance. Enter Competition Here

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