Raffle House 3 - Cash Winner

A 750,000 two bedroomed property in the Lambeth area of London is the third offering from Raffle House. For just 2 you have the chance to win this stunning home or a 90% cash prize should they fall short of their target of 650,000 ticket sales.

Winner: Tristan C

Launched: 1st August 2020 Closed: 30th June 2021

Platform: Raffle House

Location: Lambeth, SE5 9QJ

House Value: £750000 (2 Bedrooms)

Extras: 1000 Prize Draw Every Week

Ticket Price: £2.00 (Free Entry Available)

Tickets Sold: Unknown

Cash Alternative: 90% cash sum (after deductions)

Referral Scheme: Free Tickets For Referrring Friends

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The video below, featuring Sara Damergi, gives you an insight into the prize. It's described as a 750,000 prime London property. It's a recently renovated two-bedroomed house that includes a small garden - which is like gold dust in the The Capital and a functional modern kitchen. Raffle House also provide a floor layout, 3D tour, images and details about the locality on their website. They are one of the few home property competitions that do this and it's something we think should be done as standard.

How To Enter The Competition

This third competition adopts a different mechanic to the two that have gone previously. To enter you simply need to select the number of tickets that you wish to buy. One ticket will cost you 2 but should you opt to buy in bulk then you can get extra free tickets. Once you've made your selection then you simply buy the tickets. There is no question to answer! However there is now a free postal entry option. Details how to enter are given on the site. Note that you must be registered with Raffle House to use this option.

Raffle House have set the initial closing date for this competition as the end of June 2021 (extended from November 2020). This is quite ambitious but other 2 competitions have turned over much quicker recently! This time round they aim to sell 650,000 paid tickets (1.3million revenue). Unusually the site has given a break down of why they've opted for this figure (Raffle House Blog). This is actually a fascinating insight into the costs of running such a competition and it's profitability. If not enough tickets are sold then either a 90% cash sum (after deductions) can be awarded or the competition can be extended by up to a maximum of six months.

Refer Friends For Free Tickets

To encourage ticket sales Raffle House will host a 1000 cash prize draw each week of the promotion. Entrants who have purchased tickets in the past 7 days will go into the draw. As in the last competition, paying participants can earn free entries by referring friends to enter the competition. You'll get a referral link after purchasing your ticket. This link can be shared via social media or email. Raffle House was one of the first win a home competitions to adopt this approach and it's now a standard feature with others. The entrant who refers the most customers to the competition stands to win 5000.

According to the terms Raffle House will cover the winner's legal fees up to 1,500 as well as award a cash lump-sum of 3,000 to cover ground rent, council tax and utilities for a year. Good causes are also supported in this competition although the mechanic is slightly different. Entrants can choose to donate 5p of every ticket purchased to a homelessness charity. The choices are Centre Point and Housing For Women. If you don't check the box or you opt for the free postal route entry then charity will not benefit. Enter Competition Here

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