Stunning Villa In Kenya - Closed - Refunds

A fully furnished 6 bedroom villa in Kenya, is the surprise latest addition to the Visit Central Italy house competitions site. The property also includes a 2-bedroom 1 bath guest house and tickets are available at around 10 each.

Launched: 6th February 2021 Closed: 20th January 2022

Platform: Visit Central Italy

Location: Watamu, Kenya,

House Value: £500000 (6 Bedrooms)

Extras: Guest House & Staff Quarters

Ticket Price: £10.00

Tickets Sold: Unknown

Cash Alternative: Cash prize percentage not indicated

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Stunning Villa In Kenya

Visit Central Italy competitions are like buses with three all coming at once. Whilst the recent additions have been for properties in Italy for their fourth contest they're venturing into Africa. Kenya in fact! The actual location isn't given but we do know that it is in the coastal community of Watamu. In case you're wondering it's North of Mombasa and south from the International Airport in Malindi. Property prices vary considerably in Watamu and we've no idea of valuation so have conservatively estimated at around 500,000!

About The Property

The property on offer is a villa in a private resort. It has 6 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, 3 living areas, massive dining area, large tiled kitchen and handmade artisan solid wood furniture! The home also features a wonderful 2-bedroom 1 bath guest house and staff quarters too. Maybe we've undervalued this property. What is missing are details about owning property in Kenya, how the process works and costs keeping this kind of place running. It does sound luxurious but luxury doesn't come cheap even if the home is a prize.

How To Enter The Competition

To enter the competition you need to purchase a ticket and leave an answer to the question "when were the Gedi ruins abandoned". Apparently there's meant to be a pop up but we've never seen it and instead entrants are advised to use the notes section to leave the answer when at the checkout. In the first Visit Central Italy competition there was a free entry route option. The terms do say "there's a limit of one free postal entry per household to be sent to the promoter" but the details about how to use a NPN route aren't very clear.

Unknown Ticket Sales

Usually at this point we mention how many tickets need to be sold. However the promoters, Visit Central Italy Ltd, seem to have omitted this important detail. The competition is expected to run for at least a year or until all tickets are sold. If insufficient tickets are sold then the winners will receive a cash prize. This will be determined after the deduction of any expenses and marketing fees but the promoters fail to say how much this could be. As in their previous competition we'd like this to be better outlined.

Our Verdict

Visit Central Italy are definitely making hay whilst the sun shines with yet another competition on the back of their original success. Like a lot of dream homes this one is a "that'd be amazing to win" but also needs to be countered with a "how much will it cost me if I won it". Could it become a holiday home? Or a holiday rental? Or perhaps the start of a new life? If so important information to help entrants would add context to the contest. That all said this is an amazing property and well worth a look at the photos even just to dream "what if..."!

October 2021: Unfortunately due to ongoing concerns about this platform we've removed our links to all Visit Central Italy contests.

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