The National Property Draw - Closed - Refunds

Here you'll find not one but three different property competitions as well as other lifestyle prizes. Choose a dream holiday home, dream home or dream build. Ticket prices vary from 3.75 up to 10.

Launched: 28th August 2019 Closed: 14th November 2019

Location: UK, S1

House Value: £375000

Ticket Price: £3.75 (Free Entry Available)

Tickets Sold: Unknown


Unlike other win a house listings, The National Property Draw hosts a number of different competitions. In the property section, entrants can choose to win a dream holiday home (up to 375,00), a dream build (worth just over 1million) and a dream home (up to 1.75million). Each prize is broken down into different elements so for example the dream home includes 200,000 to purchase a Range Rover and Jaguar I Pace.

Skill Questions

To enter a competition you need to answer a skill question. After that you select the type of draw you want to enter, and then the specific draw. The cheapest competitions can be found under Lifestyle and cost 3 a play. For example in Great Escapes you have the chance to win holidays and cash up to 120,000. However, as with all of these kind of competitions the prize award is dependent on the number of tickets sold.

. The Dream Holiday Home requires at least 130,000 tickets to be sold whilst it's 227,500 for each of the other property giveaways. If not enough tickets are sold by the given closing date then prizes will be paid out as a cash alternative. The cash alternative for a property competition is calculated as "65% of total revenue received from sales (excluding the 0.25p administration fees that are applied at checkout per purchase not per entry)". A charitable donation will also be made from revenue generated. Support Dogs is the current nominated charity.

Insanely Ambitious

One thing that we initially were very unclear on is whether these competitions were linked or being run independent of each other. We've been told by TPND that the competitions are all individual. That means (at time of writing) you have a choice of 21 competitions to enter. Whilst that gives entrants a lot of choice we do wonder whether a few less competitions may be a better option in order to focus minds.

In our view, The National Property Draw is being incredibly ambitious. In fact we'd go as far as saying insanely ambitious. We've seen over the last couple of years that it's hard enough to generate enough ticket sales for one property competition to reach completition. TPND have three of them - and a bundle of others too. Furthermore the site is running the competitions in a 12 week window and these closing dates will not be extended. Given that pretty much every win a house competition has extended their closing dates that's a bold decision.

Payment Issues

When we first wrote about The National Property Draw we said "time will tell how successful this ambitious project turns out to be". Well time was pretty short as the competitions have been suspended due to payment issues. Anyone who has purchased tickets should receive refunds. A new payment provider is being sought prior to a relaunch of the competitions. Enter Competition Here

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