Tiny Home - Home Winner

If you'd like something a little bit different then in this raffle you can win a two room home with luxurious bathroom. However it comes on a 6.6 x 2.55m trailer! It is very much a tiny home!

Winner: Jamie Lockett

Launched: 22nd September 2020 Closed: 30th November 2020

Location: Bristol, BS1

House Value: £15000 (1 Bedrooms)

Ticket Price: £3.00 (Free Entry Available)

Minimum Ticket Target: 5000

Tickets Sold: Unknown

Cash Alternative: 85% of ticket sales (after fees)

Referral Scheme: Free Tickets For Referrring Friends

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This competition is for the cheapest and smallest 'property' we've seen to date. Tiny Home is actually a house on a trailer and it's been created by a Bristolian guy called George. The trailer home is described as "a spacious open plan design and off-grid capabilities". Although we've set the location as Bristol this property can be moved anywhere in the country. We think it's valued at just 15,000 as that is the minimum that the owner is aiming to raise. This should cover costs and some of the proceeds will also be donated to charity.

How To Enter The Competition

To enter the competition you simply need to select how many tickets you wish to purchase. When you click the 'Purchase' button you'll be asked a multiple choice question. You will not be told whether you've got the answer right or wrong so our advice is use Google to double check your answer before making the purchase. To complete your entry you'll need to enter your details and complete the transaction. All entrants will be given a referral code - refer three friends to receive free tickets. Note that there's no free entry route.

George is aiming for a modest 5000 ticket sales (revenue 15,000) before the end of November 2020. Tickets cost a reasonable 3 but there are discounts should you choose to purchase more. For example 10 tickets will cost you 20. As far as we can see there isn't a maximum number of tickets that can be sold. If insufficient tickets are sold to cover costs then "a compensation cash prize of 85% after charity donation will be guaranteed to the winner". We're not sure whether this is after any marketing or admin fees.

It's Tiny

Tiny House might not be in the same league as the lifestyle changing mansions that often feature but it may well appeal to some. George suggest that you could use it "as a guest house, garden office, business space or simply as a staycation". However you probably want to make sure you have space for such a Tiny Home should you decide to enter and potentially win the prize. Note that if you do win and live more than 200 miles or a 500 expense away from Bristol they you may incur a charge to help alleviate costs.

We like the story and ethos behind this particular competition and whilst it's not on the grand scale of other house raffles, it's nice to see something different. The ticket target is reasonable although we do wonder whether people may fall into the "what would I do with a tiny home" bracket and decide not to enter. It is an unusual prize and with staycations and van life becoming a big part of UK culture it might be worth a 3 investment.

Guaranteed Prize

As of November 10th we're told that the ticket target has been achieved and that the prize on offer will be awarded when the competition closes at the end of the month. Enter Competition Here

Tiny Home Discussion

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