Tramway Path 2 - Home Winner

Daniel Twenefour successfully created the winner of a property in Mitcham, Surrey with his Tramway Path competition. He's now hoping to repeat the formula with another property this time in the Whyteleafe area. For just 2 you could win this 425,0000 stunning 3 bedroom apartment.

Winner: Cynthia From Middlesex

Launched: 1st August 2020 Closed: 25th September 2020

Platform: Tramway Path

Location: Whyteleafe, CR3 0FA

House Value: £425000 (3 Bedrooms)

Ticket Price: £2.00 (Free Entry Available)

Tickets Sold: 250000 Revenue: £500000 (Estimated)

Cash Alternative: 70% of ticket sales


The property on offer located near Purley and close to Whyteleafe Hill. It's owned by Twenefour's brothers, Jason and Will. As mentioned the property comprises three bedrooms - one with ensuite. The remainder of the home is one room which is your reception/dining/kitchen. You can take a virtual tour of the apartment by visiting the website. From what we can see the building is on a busy road with possibly a pub opposite. The property is a leasehold and has a ground rent of 250 per annum and service charge of 2100 per year. These will be paid for the first year.

How To Enter The Competition

Tickets for the second Tramway Path competition cost just 2 each. To enter you need to answer a multiple choice question about first woman MP in Surrey. As far as we're aware you will not be told if the answer is right or wrong so you could potentially purchase a ticket with an incorrect answer. However Google is your friend and it's well worth checking your answer before parting with any money. We're still not sure this kind of question constitutes "skill" but that's up to The UKGC to figure out one day.

Free entries are available for this competition. Vist the FAQ section to discover the postal address that can be used to enter. Tramway Path will allow one free written entry by first class post per user. Unlike the first competition we can't see a referral element for this one. Given the success of recent competitions where referrals have been part of the mechanic it's a surprise to see it omitted. It'll be interesting to see whether this has an effect on the outcome of the result.

Charity Donations

For this second competition, Tramway Path aims to sell a minimum of 250,000 tickets (revenue 500,000) up to a maximum of 500,000 (revenue 1million) before the closing date of September 25th 2020 in order to giveaway the property as a prize. The terms don't indicate any suggestion of an extension to the closing date should insufficient tickets be sold. If the target isn't reached then the winner will be offered 70% of the ticket receipts instead. A donation to MIND will be made although details of the amount and any reference in the terms are missing.

The first Tramway Path property competition was a surprise success but can they do it again? The choice for entrants has increased in the last few weeks but then so has the interest in these raffles. However as we've seen with Win A Country Home who are behind Coles Hall and Win Your Dream using the formula for a successful first competition is not guaranteed. It's nice to see the addition of the free entry route but the lack of referral element may limit their exposure on social media. Enter Competition Here

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