Tramway Path Win A 500k Property - Home Winner

Tramway Path are again offering a cash prize to one lucky winner in their latest prize draw. Up for grabs is property anywhere in the UK up to the value of 500,000. The winner can choose their location which makes this very flexible. Ticket bundles start from 5 but there's a free postal entry option available.

Winner: Debbie Ajayi O

Launched: 29th May 2023 Closed: 26th July 2023

Platform: Tramway Path

Location: London, W1

House Value: £500000 (4 Bedrooms)

Ticket Price: £5.00 (Free Entry Available)

Tickets Sold: Unknown

Cash Alternative: 70% of ticket sales

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In their previous prize draw Tramway Path offered entrants the chance to win a 450,000 property within the M25 area. We felt that this was quite a limited offer and thankfully the Tramway Guys did too as eventually they opened up the draw to include a property anywhere in The UK. No doubt that format was a success because Tramway Path are doing it all again. This time they're offering entrants the chance to win up to 500,000 that can be used to purchase any property anywhere in The UK. We love this because let's face it not everyone wants to move to other areas due to family, work etc. By offering a cash sum to purchase a property it makes the promotion a lot more attractive.

About The Property

As there isn't an actual property on offer this time round we can't tell you about it. What we can tell you is that if you win then you must purchase either a house or an apartment. No business premises allowed! If you do win you also only have 60 days in which to find a property that you want to buy. we're not quite sure why this is limited but it does feel a little restrictive. However you can purchase more than one property (provided the combined value is under 500K presumably)? A few things we don't quite know is what happens to the residual cash say the winner decides to purchase a 400,000 property? Will Tramway Path allow a winner to purchase a 550K (or more house) provided the winner stumps up the extra? Do any fees, taxes etc come out of the 500,000 pot are they extras? We'll trawl the terms at a later date to see if there any answers.

How To Enter The Competition

Tickets for this Tramway Path competition cost from just 5 each (up from 3 on the previous prize draw). Other ticket packages cost 10 for 7 entries, 25 for 25 entries, 50 for 70 entries and 100 for 200 entries. To enter you need to answer a multiple choice question about property ownership grants. Don't worry if you don't know the answer because there's a "check answer" button option after you've made your selection. Note that you do also need to be registered with Tramway Path in order to participate in this competition. According to the FAQ free entries are available and thankfully Tramway Path have included all the necessary info for those of you wanting to opt for this entry route.

120,000 Tickets

For this competition, Tramway Path aims to sell a minimum of 120,000 tickets (revenue 600,000 assuming every ticket costs 5) up to a maximum of 500,000 (revenue 2.5million assuming every ticket costs 5) before the closing date of 20th July 2023 in order to giveaway the property as a prize. The terms don't indicate any suggestion of an extension to the closing date should insufficient tickets be sold. If the target isn't reached then the winner will be offered 70% of the ticket receipts instead. As far as we can see there's no mention of charity or donations with respect to this particular prize draw.

Our Verdict

Offering a huge cash prize to purchase a property of your choice seems a logical way for Tramway Path to go considering the previous prize draw. However it does kind of make it a win some cash prize draw as opposed to win a house. It also blurs the lines between the likes of Tramway Path and McKinney, Bear and Bounty who have done similar things. Still it does offer flexibility and that should make the prize draw a lot more attractive to entrants. Even more so when you compare directly with Omaze or Raffle House. They both have 10 tickets (Tramway is 5) for a fixed location expensive property that most likely will be sold by the winner. Tramway are at least offering the chance to win a home which will actually be lived in by the lucky winner. Enter Competition Here

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