Tramway Path Win Three Apartments - Home Winner

In this fourth Tramway Path competition you have the chance to win not one property but three. All will go to one winner! On offer are three stunning apartments in Bristol and they could be yours for just £3.

Winner: Sade O

Launched: 19th August 2021 Closed: 27th October 2021

Platform: Tramway Path

Location: Bristol, BS1

House Value: £550000 (3 Bedrooms)

Extras: 1 x 3 and 2 x 1 Bed Apartments

Ticket Price: £3.00 (Free Entry Available)

Tickets Sold: Unknown

Cash Alternative: 70% of ticket sales

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Having had a 100% success rate with their first three raffles, The Twenefour brothers are back with Tramway Path's most ambitious competition to date. They're offering not one, but three apartments to the winner. Whoever wins this competition not only becomes a property owner but has potentially the start of a rental portfolio. The three properties comprising of a three bedroom apartment and 2 x 1 bedroom apartments are in Bristol and their combined value is £550,000. The actual location isn't given but is described as a "popular pedestrianised High Street" and "within one mile of the City Centre".

About The Property

All apartments have been recently renovated and offer open plan living. For example the three bedroom apartment simply has one kitchen/living space area plus the bedrooms. Tramway Path have put images, floor plans and video tours on the website to give you an idea of the properties. All come with a 500 year lease, ground rent of around £250 and approximately £1150 service charge. Winner may well want to rent out the properties and according to the website the one beds attract £750pcm whilst the three bed could achieve £1200pcm. It's not clear whether the three apartments are won fully furnished.

How To Enter The Competition

Tickets for the third Tramway Path competition cost just £2 each. To enter you need to answer a multiple choice question about manufacturing in Bristol. You will not be told if the answer is right or wrong so you could potentially purchase a ticket with an incorrect answer. However Google is your friend and it's well worth checking your answer before parting with any money. Note that you do also need to be registered with Tramway Path in order to participate in this competition. According to the FAQ free entries are available but Tramway Path seem to have omitted the address and details from the terms. If you do discover where to send your entry then it's one per household.

200,000 Tickets

For this second competition, Tramway Path aims to sell a minimum of 200,000 tickets (revenue £600,000) up to a maximum of 500,000 (revenue £1.5million) before the closing date of 15th October 2021 in order to giveaway the property as a prize. The terms don't indicate any suggestion of an extension to the closing date should insufficient tickets be sold. If the target isn't reached then the winner will be offered 70% of the ticket receipts instead. A donation to Evelina London Children’s Hospital charity will be made although details of the amount and any reference to this donation in the terms are missing.

Our Verdict

The Tramway Path guys don't do anything by halves and this is a really exciting addition to the house raffles sector. Three apartments creates a property rental business which could bring in a tidy annual income. Not bad for just £3 a ticket. However do be aware of the service charges, insurance etc. It'd also be nice to know the building location just to know if there's any issues that leaseholders may end up paying out for! That aside this is just the thing to give the media a jolt and re-ignite their interest in property prize draws. And after three out of three successes we're not going to bet against Tramway Path making it four on the bounce. Enter Competition Here

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