Win 2 Million For Your Dream Home Review

Raffle House are offering entrants the chance to win up to £2million to buy your dream home in their latest prize draw. Tickets for this one cost from £10 and subscriptions are now an option. Every time you enter, you get to support a cause close to your heart.

Launched: 28th April 2024 Closes: 30th June 2024

Platform: Raffle House

Location: UK, RM14

House Value: £2000000 (6 Bedrooms)

Ticket Price: £10.00 (Free Entry Available)

Tickets Sold: Unknown

Cash Alternative: 70% cash sum (after deductions)

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Here we go again. Another month and another big money prize draw at Raffle House where you could win enough money to buy an Omaze style home and still have change left to pay for it. As is now the norm, there's no property as such to be won but instead you could be taking home £2million to buy your dream home. You don't even have to use the money to buy a home (unlike Tramway Path) as you're free to use the cash as you like. The big question is whether anyone actually gets £2million because despite their numerous prize draws and high profile no one is any the wiser if Raffle House have actually created a big money/property winner since they started this big money approach. We know they have winners because they're on the winners page - but there's just no information with respect to the amount won.

About The Property

As there's no property on offer we can't tell you about it! What would be nice at this point is to share the properties that have been purchased by other winners but frustratingly there aren't any. Anyway - assuming you win and somehow get your hands on £2million what house would you buy and what area would you choose? Do let us know in the comments below. By the way this will represent the 15th draw (we believe) by Raffle House. That's an impressive feat but we would still love to see house winners.

How To Enter The Competition & Discounts

To enter the prize draw you simply need to select the number of tickets that you wish to purchase. It now operates in a very similar way to Omaze. For example for £10 you can get 15 tickets, £25 lands you 50 tickets, £50 buys you 150 tickets and there's a massive 500 tickets should you wish to part with £100. The 2000 tickets for £300 looks to have gone - which is good in terms of responsible play. However there is a free postal entry option. Note that you must be registered with Raffle House to use this option. For this prize draw Raffle House are supporting multiple charities and entrants are able to choose from one of over 25 charities to donate to. Like Omaze, Raffle House have also added a subscription option. This apparently gives you three times more tickets than a one-off purchase and exclusive prize draws.

Ticket Target

As with Omaze there isn't a ticket target indicated on the site. All we know is that there's a closing date set for the 30th June 2024. This draw also does have an early bird draw. Enter before the 31st May 2024 and you have the chance to win £70,000 or a dream car (presumably up to £70,000). According to the terms if by the closing date "the actual number of Entries received is less than the required number of Entries, the Competition will close and on the Draw Date there will be a Draw, at the sole discretion of the Promoter, by reference to the proceeds received from the Entries to award to the Winner the Cash Prize". This figure is determined as "70% of the total value of the total Entry Fees received up to the Closing Date net the Promoterís operational costs; less (2) the amount of the Charity Donation".

Our Verdict

What is there to say about Raffle House that we haven't already covered? They remain something of an enigma in a market that's dominated by Omaze on one side and the likes of Bounty on the other. Until we get to see "Winner X" stood outside a fabulous million pound property it's hard to get excited about another round of competition. In many ways we'd like Raffle House to offer an actual property again - perhaps even looking at how Bounty work - and leave Omaze to it's own devices as the million pound property platform. Mind you, flipping that in reverse imagine if Bounty look at the property prize draw subscription model? Enter Competition Here

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