Win A 3 Bed House - Closed - Refunds

A three bedroomed terrace house in Mountain Ash, Rhondda was on offer in this competition. The property is valued at between 40,000 ad 70,000 and 24,000 tickets need to be sold.

Launched: 28th February 2018 Closed: 1st June 2018

Location: Mountain Ash, Mountain Ash, Rhondda

House Value: £40000

Ticket Price: £5.00 (Free Entry Available)

Tickets Sold: Unknown

The main prize includes 10,000 that is "strictly for repairs". This money will be held by a solicitor and payable as and when repairs are made. The owner does list a number of items that will need to be looked at. A second prize of 3000 and third prize of 2000 is also offered - provided all tickets are sold.

Target Is 24,000 Sales

For the competition to reach completion then at least 24,000 tickets need to be sold. The maximum number of tickets on offer is 50,000. If the minimum target isn't reached then the closing date may be extended by six months.

After that, if the target is still not met, then according to the terms, a cash prize will be paid out or the ticket sales will be refunded. In this instance 25% of the entrance fees will be retained by the promoter for admin costs.

Competition Closes Early

A free entry postal route was offered and but this was only for entries from England, Northern Ireland, Scotland or Wales. However, these free entries have caused issues for the competition.

As of June 1st 2018 the owner has decided to close the competition. They cite an overwhelming number of free entries and lack of publicity. All entrants that have paid for tickets will be refunded. Enter Competition Here

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