Win A 4 Bedroom Farmhouse - Home Winner

This raffle gives you the chance to win a four bedroom farmhouse in Aberdeenshire with 10K cash and 10K to a chosen charity OR the winner can choose a 400K cash alternative. Tickets cost 9.99 each and the promotion is being run on the raffle site, Bounty Competitions.

Winner: Amanda Edwards

Launched: 17th March 2023 Closed: 13th April 2023

Platform: Bounty Competitions

Location: Oldmeldrum, Aberdeenshire,

House Value: £400000 (4 Bedrooms)

Ticket Price: £9.99 (Free Entry Available)

Tickets Sold: 90000 Revenue: £899100 (Estimated)


After heading out to Alicante for their last property prize draw, Bounty Competitions are back on more local ground with another house located in the Aberdeenshire area. It's their biggest ever property draw too. This time round the offer is for a four bedroom farmhouse in the Oldmeldrum area. It's a small village not far from Inverurie in North East Scotland. We believe the actual property is Greenspot Farmhouse and according to reports it featured on an episode of Come Dine With Me. The property actually went up for sale in November 2022 for 499,000. We wonder whether the owners have struck a deal with Bounty to offer the house as a prize in an attempt to sell it and all parties benefiting from the arrangement? If the winner takes the house then happy days, but if it's the cash prize then the owners go again and Bounty don't have a house that they need to sell.

About The Property

The farmhouse is quite an extensive property. It has four bedrooms, four bathrooms, bespoke kitchen and comes fully furnished. In addition it has a snooker house (which is how we found the the property on Google), pond, hot tun and seating area, large greenhouse, annex with bedroom and toilet, private parking and protected scenic views. The winner will also have 10,000 cash to do as they please plus a further 10K to award to a charity of their choice. Details about running costs etc. aren't provided. All fees are paid and the property will be ready to move in to from May. If a farmhouse in Scotland isn't your cup of tea then there's always a nice cash alternative of 400,000 to collect should you be lucky enough to win.

How To Enter The Competition

Entry to the prize draw is very easy. All you have to do is select your raffle ticket(s) and go on and purchase them. If you're not keen on trying to find your own lucky number then there is a lucky dip option. The latter is actually quite useful as it does save you wading through the lists of numbers trying to find one that appeals. Once you've picked your numbers then head to the checkout where you'll need to login/register and pay. Note that there are no questions to answer! If you're interested then a no purchase necessary route is offered in the site's terms and conditions.

90000 Tickets

Bounty Competitions aim to sell 90000 tickets before mid April in order to complete the draw. Assuming all tickets are sold at full price that equates to 899,100 revenue, which given the prize values on offer makes for a tidy profit. Kudos for Bounty. As usual they have got off to a flying start with over 7500 tickets already sold within the first hour of the prize draw going live. 1300 of those tickets were sold by the time we'd started writing this paragraph. We'd be very surprised if this particular promotion doesn't close within a couple of weeks and well before the named closing date of mid April. If you're thinking of a postal entry don't hang around sending it off.

Our Verdict

Whilst the number of property prizes on offer so far this year isn't great, they are mostly on platforms which result in winners. That's actually good news for win a house competitions as the sector isn't saturated with poor platforms like Froghopping or solo promoters using Raffall. With respect to this property prize, sorry Bounty but a farmhouse in North Scotland doesn't appeal to me in South Wales, but the cash alternative is attractive. What is also great about Bounty is that it's never will they sell enough tickets but how quickly will they sell them. Anyway let's see what happens and whether the winner chooses the cash or the farmhouse. Enter Competition Here

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