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McKinney Competitions, a raffle style prize draw company based in Ireland, are offering the chance to win either a 5 bedroom villa in Portugal plus cash and a VW Multi Van or an incredible 1million cash alternative. Big prizes at McKinney come with big price tags and this particular draw is selling tickets at 99.97. You may want to look at the free entry option!

Win A 5 Bed Villa In Portugal

Winner: Dominic Brogan

Launched: 4th August 2023 Closed: 3rd September 2023

Platform: McKinney Competitions

Location: Albufeira, Portugal,

House Value: £1000000 (5 Bedrooms)

Extras: 150,000 Cash

Car: 2023 VW Multi-Van

Ticket Price: £499.85 (Free Entry Available)

Tickets Sold: 11897 Revenue: £5946715.45 (Estimated)

Cash Alternative: 1,000,000

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Back in 2022 McKinney ran prize draw where they offered a 4 bed villa in Portugal along with cash and VW Multi-Van. The winner also had the option to take a 500,000 cash prize. This year they've decided to run a similar promotion but they've also upped the stakes. Replacing the 4 bed villa is a 5 bed villa in the Albufeira of Portugal. Albufeira is around 40 minutes away from Faro and is located on The Algarve. Initially we did wonder if McKinney were just running the draw for the same property as last year (as they did for their Spanish Apartment) but no this is definitely a different place. McKinney are obviously hoping to make a bit of an impact with this particular prize draw too by creating a video with A Place In The Sun's Jasmine Harman, perhaps as an attempt to compete with the likes of Omaze. Mind the ticket price is probably going to frighten most people off.

The Property

The property being offered is absolutely stunning. In essence it's a four bed villa with a self contained studio to boost the sleeping space up to 5 rooms. McKinney suggests the well equipped bottom floor could be rented out or be the perfect spot for hosting guests. All furnishings are included as well as modern appliances and even a flat screen TV. There's ample garden space plus. a salt water pool to enjoy. A 2023 Volkswagen Multi-Van is included in the prize whilst the winner will also collect 150,000 cash. Once again McKinney have omitted details we think would be useful. Running costs, community charges and potential for rental income would all add to the details. We'd also like to know the processes in place for sorting out transfer of ownership etc. For example do McKinney cover costs for travelling out to Portugal? Of course you can avoid all these questions by simply accepting the 1million cash alternative.

How To Enter The Competition

To enter the competition for the chance to win the Villa in Portugal or cash alternative you simply need to answer a multiple choice question about the country. Note that you're not told whether your answer is right or not but the question is so absurdly easy that you won't need Google to check. Once you've made your selection it's simply a case of completing the purchase of your tickets. There is a free entry route offered for entrants who wish to take that option. Entry is via postcard and details about how to complete your entry are given on the website. However just note that if you're thinking of going via NPN then you will need to be fast as these draws can sell out quickly.

62999 Tickets

McKinney Competitions aim to sell a maximum of 62999 tickets at 99.97 (total revenue just over 6million assuming full prices are paid) by the start of September. Look out for early bird discounts (!) and bulk buy discounts to save a few pennies. The deadline combined with ticket price again may seem incredibly ambitious but this company always seem to manage to come up with enough sales. According to the website the draw date is "always brought forward to next working day after all tickets are designated" and that the "date counter is just a possible maximum draw date". McKinney state that most items are sold within just 1 or 2 days although we're not expecting this one to fly out the door. At time of writing just over 350 tickets had been sold so there's a long way to go. McKinney only really need to sell 12000 tickets for this draw to break even (if we've done our maths right).

Our Verdict

When we first visited this draw at McKinney we noted that the ticket price was set at 399.85, discounted from 499.85. Still slightly sleepy we took that as being the price for one ticket and started to write about the unbelievable cost of entry. As it happens this is for five tickets and actually one costs just under 100. Still pricey but a lot better than 400 or 500! Overall it's an amazing prize package and it'd be interesting to see how the draw pans out in terms of sales. We're also interested to see what the winner chooses - cash or villa. Personally it's an easy decision as it'd be the cash. Whilst a luxury villa in Portugal with 150K, car and other goodies sounds great it's not 1million cold hard cash to do what you please with. What would you choose?

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