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Marwood Makes, a company based in Bath, are offering another chance for you to win a 56ft Narrowboat worth 80,000 in their latest prize draw. The winner can choose the colour of the boat which is called Summer Bee. The prize draw is being hosted on their own platform.

Winner: Zoe Jeffrey

Launched: 1st April 2024 Closed: 22nd May 2024

Platform: Marwood Makes

Location: Marwood Makes, BA2 6UR

House Value: £80000 (2 Bedrooms)

Ticket Price: £10.00 (Free Entry Available)

Tickets Sold: 17595 Revenue: £175950 (Estimated)

Cash Alternative: None

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After two successful prize draws, one for a narrowboat and one for a campervan that's just concluded, Marwood Makes are straight back on the bandwagon. This time they're offering a 56ft Narrowboat. Summer Bee, which is the name of the boat, could offer you mortgage free living and an off-the-grid simple lifestyle. Valued at 80,000 Summer Bee has undergone a transformative makeover at Marwood Makes. The winner gets to choose the colour of the boat. This is slightly different the first narrowboat prize where the winner could tailor the layouts, colour schemes etc. Mind that was also a more expensive prize too.

About The Property

The prize itself is a hand-crafted 56ft Marwood Makes Narrowboat and from the images shown on the site it looks stunning. The boat will come fully kitted out with appliances, a multi-fuel cast iron wood burning stove, electrics for off grid living as well as heating and insulation. Also included is one year insurance & Canal & River Trust licence. There's no information, that we can see, about fees, moving the boat to a different location etc. There's also no details about ongoing running costs and/or any potential income if the winner chose to rent out the boat as a holiday let. However Marwood Makes do seem to be keen to be hands on when it comes to their winners and dishing out the prizes.

How To Enter The Competition The Prize Draw

To enter the prize draw you need to visit Marwood Makes and purchase tickets. Unusually for this period of win a house competitions they've chosen to design and build their own independent site. First you need to select the number of tickets that you wish to buy then answer a multiple choice question. You can purchase one ticket at 10, but there are options to buy in bulk. For example you can purchase 60 tickets with a 25% discount plus three trees being planted (we think that this is too high in respect of responsible gambling and perhaps shouldn't be encouraged). If you'd like to enter another draw for the chance to win a 5 day holiday on Narrowboat Dottie then you can do so by adding an extra 1 to the ticket price.

22,000 Tickets

Marwood Makes are aiming to sell a maximum of 22,000 tickets at 10 each (revenue 220,000 asssuming all tickets sold at full price) in order to be able to giveaway the prize. Tickets need to be sold by the last week of May 2024. If you fancy a little bit of a discount then sign up for their mailing list although note you'll need to buy a minimum of 5 tickets. Also keep an eye on social media for occasional free prize draws to win tickets. Details about selling insufficient tickets is quite limited although the site does indicate that they will "declare a guaranteed draw once we have reached our minimum sales target. The exact minimum sales figure is not known at this time". This kind of seems a little wishy-washy.

Our Verdict

If you like the idea of living off grid then Marwood Makes have yet another stunning prize on offer. Living on a boat - or even taking a holiday on one - has never really appealed but the images showing their craftsmanship does make you want to take at least take a closer look. Early sales have been quite good for this prize (just under 1600 sold at time of writing) but we think at least 10,000 will need to be sold to guarantee the prize. One thing that is missing from the description is running costs. Remember if you do win then you'll need to cover insurance and other fees associated with owning a narrowboat. Let us know what you think of the prize and prize draw in the comments below. Enter Competition Here

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