Win A Country Hall - Cash Winner

Melling Hall in Lancashire is the prize on offer in this win a house raffle. For just 2.50 you could become the owner of the property plus fixtures, fittings, fitted carpets, curtains and some furniture. The promoters aim to sell a minimum of 499,000 tickets before September 2020.

Winner: Lesley H. of Ormskirk

Launched: 15th June 2020 Closed: 15th September 2020

Location: Carnforth, LA6 2RA

House Value: £900000 (6 Bedrooms)

Ticket Price: £2.50 (Free Entry Available)

Minimum Ticket Target: 499000

Tickets Sold: Unknown

Cash Alternative: 80% of sales (after fees)

Referral Scheme: Yes (5000 Reward)


Julie and Guy Vass have spent 18 years living in and restoring Melling Hall. They've decided it's time to downsize and therefore wish to giveaway their property in a competition. In addition they're hoping to raise up to 200,000 for NHS charities fund and their local hospice. The property is a grand affair with an entrance hall bigger than many modern home lounges! It also boasts three bedrooms on the first floor and a further two on the second floor. The second floor is also a self contained loft apartment.

How To Enter The Competition

Before you can enter the Win A Country Hall competition you need to register. As far as we can see there isn't any question or skill element. Tickets cost 2.50 each but there are early bird offers. This means for 10 you get 4 tickets plus one free. There is a free postal entry route which is described at the top of the entry page. The terms state that "there is no limit on the number of postal entries any person can make"! Entries must be sent by 1st Class Royal Mail. We're not sure whether this free entry route means no skill element is required but we are surprised to see a question not included.

The promoters are hoping to sell a minimum of 499,000 tickets. However they do have a maximum option of 649,000. If insufficient tickets aren't sold by the September closing date then the promoter reserves the right to extend the competition by up to three months. At that point if not enough tickets have been sold to allow the house to be given away then a cash prize will be awarded. The cash prize will be 100% of net ticket receipts, less a charitable donation. This will be split 80/20. Note that this is net receipts and no indication is given of how much will be retained for admin and marketing by the promoters.

Refer A Friend

All entrants are given their own referral link. A prize of 5000 will be shared between the two entrants who have created the highest number of ticket sales. Note that this prize will only be awarded if the house is won. Please note that Loquax is not using a referral link in promotion of this competition. We feel that if we won then this may be seen as unfair. We would love to win but we also value our reputation as a reviewer of win a house raffles.

Melling Hall is a lovely property and an attractive prize. However we are concerned by the lack of skill element within the competition mechanic. The free entry satisfies some part of running a paid entry competition. The bigger concern is the lack of transparency on the cash prize if ticket targets aren't met. 80% of the net ticket sales sounds good, but how much is being sliced off for admin and marketing? On a positive note this competition is supporting some excellent causes.

Raffle Neighbours

We were recently informed that Melling Hall is a neighbouring property to Melling Manor, a property that was won in a win a house competition. This is the first time that two neighbouring properties have ended up being raffled in different competitions. Thanks to James for letting us know.

The competition ended in September 2020 without selling enough tickets. However a cash prize of 121,547 was awarded and 32,219 was donated to charity. Enter Competition Here

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