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Raffle House are offering entrants the chance to win "a dream home worth more than £2.3million" in their latest prize draw. The prize of a luxury and contemporary four-bedroom house is located in Bonham Grange, Upminster, but a £2.3million cash alternative is also available. Tickets for this one cost from £10 and subscriptions are now an option.

Winner: Paul R

Launched: 1st June 2023 Closed: 20th August 2023

Platform: Raffle House

Location: Bonham Grange, Upminster, RM14

House Value: £2300000 (6 Bedrooms)

Ticket Price: £10.00 (Free Entry Available)

Tickets Sold: Unknown

Cash Alternative: 70% cash sum (after deductions)

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In their attempt to replicate the Omaze model, Raffle House have launched another million pound property prize draw before the current one closes. This allows them to encourage ticket sales for both properties and get more for their advertising budget. The only problem is whilst Omaze have reputation and a track record with respect to property prize draws, the same can't be said for Raffle House. Like many we kind of want to see the result of the £2million house draw before getting too excited about another one. Anyway this time round the prize is a £2.3million property that's located in Bonham Grange, Upminster (about half way between Hornchurch and Basildon). This is a new estate that currently has just two properties (valued at £2million) remaining according to Rightmove. We guess the extra £300,000 covers extra costs such as furnishings and legalities?

About The Property

The property is described as "a luxury 6-bed property in a gated and private community minutes from the city of London". That seems like a bit of a stretch of the imagination as Google suggests it takes one hour by car or train! The property consists of three floors with five of the bedrooms occuping the middle floor. Three bedrooms have their own ensuite. On the top floor you'll find a sixth bedroom plus a space given over as a playroom or cinema room. The downstairs includes living room, dining room, study and a large kitchen/family room. There's also an integrated garage. From the floor plan we're assuming that the property will be either Plot 17 or Plot 18 on the estate. Details about running costs are not provided nor do we know how much rental could be achieved should the new owner wish to go down the route.

How To Enter The Competition & Discounts

To enter the competition you simply need to select the number of tickets that you wish to purchase. It now operates in a very similar way to Omaze. For example for £10 you can get 15 tickets, £25 lands you 50 tickets, £100 buys you 100 tickets and there's a massive 2000 tickets should you wish to part with £300. However there is a free postal entry option. Note that you must be registered with Raffle House to use this option. For this prize draw Raffle House are supporting multiple charities and entrants are able to choose from one of over 25 charities to donate to. Like Omaze, Raffle House have also added a subscription option. This apparently gives you three times more tickets than a one-off purchase. Taking the option really depends on your faith in the platform.

Ticket Target

As with Omaze there isn't a ticket target indicated on the site. All we know is that there's a closing date set for the 20th August 2023. This draw also does have an early bird draw. Enter before the 23rd July 2023 and you have the chance to win £250,000. Interestingly the £2million property have 4 x £250,000 early birds so we wonder whether this is an indication of not quite getting enough interest? According to the terms if by the closing date "the actual number of Entries received is less than the required number of Entries, the Competition will close and on the Draw Date there will be a Draw, at the sole discretion of the Promoter, by reference to the proceeds received from the Entries to award to the Winner the Cash Prize". This figure is determined as "70% of the total value of the total Entry Fees received up to the Closing Date net the Promoterís operational costs; less (2) the amount of the Charity Donation".

Our Verdict

Raffle House desperately want to be like Omaze which is a good notion provided you're creating property winners. The jury remains out because of previous efforts and even more so until we know what happens with respect the Brighton Property. Will there be a £2million house winner? A £2million cash winner? Or something else? Have Raffle House sold enough tickets? Is this draw a way to try and get more revenue so as to cover the first one? The property on offer is lovely although personally I'd opt for the cash alternative and live somewhere cheaper! But it all feels kind of irrelevant until the Brighton results are revealed. If Raffle House do it in an open and transparent way then happy days. However if they decide to be clandestine about it, not say what prize has been won, or perhaps even show the winner with the keys or cheque, then this will could erode trust for would-be entrants. For the sake of the win a house prize draw sector let's hope that Raffle House make the right choices. Enter Competition Here

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