Win A French Manor House - Cash Winner

A Manor House in South West France could be yours for just 2.50 if you enter and win this latest Raffall house competition. This fully restored 19th century property is set in 20 acres but this competition doesn't have a set closing date!

Winner: Misty Crick Goodman

Launched: 1st September 2020 Closed: 31st January 2021

Platform: Raffall

Location: Tarn, South West France,

House Value: £500000 (4 Bedrooms)

Extras: Includes Self Contained Apartment

Ticket Price: £2.50 (Free Entry - See 5.6 in Terms)

Tickets Sold: 196 Revenue: £490 (Estimated)

Cash Alternative: 75% of ticket sales

As far as we're aware this is the first property in France that we've featured since house competitions became popular again back in 2017. Located in Tarn in South West France the exact location of the property is frustratingly a mystery. However the description on Raffall explains that Tarn is "a short drive away from the the nearest facility-packed town of Graulhet"! We don't have a valuation for the property either but property prices in Tarn vary considerably so we've probably gone a little conservative. Disappointingly the images on the site are really poor and don't do the property justice.

How To Enter The Competition

The main Manor House includes four bedrooms and three bathrooms. There's an open fireplace in the fitted kitchen plus a balcony off the central landing, overlooking the courtyard. Outside are a dining terrace, multiple barns, forge with original equipment and equestrian facilities. A self-contained apartment is also part of the package. The owner explains that the "property will require some redecoration and sprucing up" and ticket sales will cover these costs. There are no details about legal fees, taxes or the sales process which we'd expect for an overseas property.

To enter the raffle you need to be registered with Raffall. This can be done via Facebook or email login. Once at the house raffle page it's a case of answering a question and purchasing tickets. The question pops up in a window which we found disappeared very quickly. Tickets cost 2.50 each and there's no limit to the number you can purchase. You can purchase online using debit cards. As far as we're aware no donations are going to be made to good causes.

500,000 Ticket Sales

UK based Hannah Perrin hopes to sell 500,000 tickets (total revenue 1.5million) to conclude the draw. If insufficient tickets are sold then the winners will receive a share of the compensation amounting to 75% of all ticket sales. All compensation payments are guaranteed and paid directly by Raffall Limited. This should offer more assurance to entrants about the legitimacy of the promotion. Note that you can see the number of entrants only if you've purchased a ticket for yourself.

Whilst this is an exciting property there's a lot of red flags popping up. The lack of closing date is the big one as anyone buying a ticket could wait for ever until either the competition is pulled or won. Additionally the information about the property is very limited. This is a huge estate that will no doubt incur serious running costs. In our view this kind of detail really needs to be included. Also missing is information about the sales process, who pays taxes and whether a winner - if it gets that far - would need to travel to France to complete the sale. This is probably one we would avoid despite how attractive owning a Manor House might be. Enter Competition Here

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