Win A Hertfordshire House - Closed

New comers to the win a house competition scene, Win Amazing, are offering the chance to win a property in Hertfordshire worth 810,000. The house comes fully furnished plus the winner will also receive 150,000 in cash. Tickets start from 10, although a NPN route is available, and sales will benefit The Julius Jones Trust.

Launched: 1st October 2023 Closed: 31st January 2024

Platform: Win Amazing

Location: Goff's Oak, Hertfordshire, EN7 6SG

House Value: £810000 (4 Bedrooms)

Ticket Price: £10.00 (Free Entry Available)

Tickets Sold: Unknown

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Win Amazing are a new platform for online property prize draws and unsurprisingly they've looked towards the likes of Omaze and Tramway Path for their inspiration. The site has been up and running for a few weeks now and was started by Brad John Jones. Brad's son, Julius, was diagnosed with a brain tumour and The NHS played a huge role in saving both Julius's and Brad's lives. Brad founded The Julius Jones Trust, the charity being supported by this venture, to "make a difference in the lives of healthcare recipients and their families". The company behind the site is WinAmazing Ltd which was incorportated in February 2023. On offer is a new property in Hertfordshire. From a quick Google search based on new builds in the area and the postcode we're guessing that the actual property is a Bellway Home - The Philosopher - in Cedarbrook Rise. The valuation is given as 810,000.

About The Property

The property has four bedrooms with an en-suire for the main bedroom and a family bathroom completing the upstairs layout. Downstairs you'll find a living room, large kitchen/dining room plus a study area. The dining room has french doors that open up to a rear garden whilst there's a garage and parking for up to two cars. The house comes fully furnished to your personal taste by an interior designer worth 40,000 plus the value of the prize hits 1million thanks to the addition of 150,000 cash. In addition Win Amazing take care of all legal fees associated with the transfer of freehold ownership are covered. No cash alternative is offered but if you do win then the site does say that their "Property Partner is available to assist the winner in making informed choices and managing the property at any stage after taking ownership".

How To Enter The Competition

Entry to the prize draw is very easy. All you have to do is purchase tickets in a similar way that you buy for Omaze etc. The minimum purchase is 10 and this gets you 20 tickets for the prize draw. Other packages available include 75 entries for 25, 200 entries for 50, 500 entries for 100, 900 entries for 150 and 2100 entries for 300. Like Omaze and others Win Amazing is looking at the subscription model but options to sign-up for 10 or 25 a month are "coming soon". Subscriptions will get you double entries (40 and 150 respectively). A No Purchase Necessary option is available. Postal Entries can be sent via first or second class Royal Mail post which is unusual as most competitions insist on first class! One postal entry equates to 20 independent entries according to the terms.

Guaranteed Prizes

As far as we can tell there's no indicator of any ticket target (minimum or maximum) with respect to the prize draws running on Win Amazing. According to the FAQ they have "guaranteed a winner will win each of the prize draws". This basically means they're doing the same thing as Omaze and regardless of ticket sales there will be a winner of the property when the promo ends on 30th January 2024. In addition there are other prizes being offered as part of the promotion. These include an early bird cash prize of 15,000 (31st October), 20,000 and a trip to Lapland (30th November) and a Land Rover Discovery Sport (31st December). Like the property these prizes are guaranteed to be awarded. Profits from the draw will be donated to The Julius Jones Trust. A minimum donation will be made to the Julius Jones Trust charity regardless of how many tickets are sold although we can't see what that amount will be.

Our Verdict

Win Amazing is well put together site and it's great to see another new platform in the sector. The property is ideal as a family home, rental or could easily be sold plus we like that there's a decent cash element in the package too. Perhaps the only thing missing is a cash alternative but it's good that the winner could be helped to sell if needed. It's interesting that Win Amazing have adopted the Omaze model including guaranteeing a property winner regardless of ticket sales. Hopefully that means an avoidance of the issues that arose with the 2million Nottingham Villa from Win My House. However new platforms do make us a little nervous. They need to build audiences like Bounty, Elite and McKinney - audiences who are happy to buy tickets and subscribe. Whether they can do that in a few festive months remains to be seen. It may well be that this property is step one in building a rival to Omaze or Tramway Path. Perhaps Win Amazing are thinking a house winner under the belt is the best step to building a customer base into 2024 and beyond? Enter Competition Here

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