Win A Home In Airdrie - Closed

A two bedroom end terrace in Airdrie is the prize on offer in this property prize draw. Located in Lanarkshire and a 15 minute commute to Glasgow this home could be yours for just 1 a ticket. This property raffle is being hosted on the FrogHopping platform.

Launched: 18th August 2022 Closed: 19th December 2022

Platform: FrogHopping

Location: Airdrie, Lanarkshire, ML1

House Value: £110000 (2 Bedrooms)

Ticket Price: £1.00 (Free Entry Available)

Tickets Sold: Unknown


Cash Alternative: 80% of ticket sales


Despite a series of low ticket sale raffles, extensions and sadly no property winners, The Froghopping site has surprisingly added another prize draw to it's platform. The new addition is a two bedroom end of terrace home in Airdrie, Lanarkshire, Scotland. Unusually the postcode isn't provided for this particular raffle so the only reference with respect to location is that it is "just 5 minute drive from the town of Airdrie" whilst Glasgow is 15 minutes away and Edinburgh 30 minutes. Additionally there's no valuation although for the property to be won the minimum selling price on Froghopping is set at 200,000. A search on Zoopla however suggests that similar terraced properties in Airdrie are valued at around 110,000 and that's what we've used for our review here.

About The Property

The property listing has limited information. We know it has two bedrooms alongside a family bathroom. Downstairs there's a lounge and kitchen/diner. The interesting stuff is outside as the property boasts a log cabin at the end of the garden which contains a jacuzzi (although from the pictures it looks like an inflatable hot tub). A garage isn't available but there is ample parking for up to three cars. Pictures of the property are on site and these help to create a better image of the prize. As far as we're aware the property comes unfurnished. We understand that FrogHopping will allocate a provisional Stamp Duty Allowance of 13% of the minimum selling price plus a contribution of 1500 to the winner's conveyancing fees.

How To Enter The Competition

To enter the competition you need to complete your details and answer a multiple choice question. For this draw you'll need to know when the biggest gold nugget ever was found in the UK. You aren't told whether the answer you have selected is right or wrong so do make sure you double check your answers with Google! You're then redirected to a payment page where you can either pay by cards (on desktop) or with Paypal (via mobile). Froghopping allow you to purchase bulk tickets at lower prices (e.g. 5 for 3, 10 for 5 etc.). One thing we do like is that you can gift your purchase. In addition you can earn a free ticket by referring friends to the site.

Ticket Target

The owner of the property has set a minimum ticket revenue of 200,000 plus a ticket price of 1. On the surface this should mean a minimum requirement of 200,000 tickets but once fees and other costs are included then the competition could require a lot more than that. If insufficient tickets are sold then a cash prize alternative is paid out. This we think is around 80% of the total revenue? Interestingly a new term has been recently added - "all approved property listings receive 1% of competition revenue if the property doesn't reach its selling price". So at least the owners will receive some income if there's no house winner.

Our Verdict

So far Froghopping haven't created any property winners and it's hard to see that changing. Unless you're a big brand like Omaze or had success along the lines of Tramway Path then to get sales you need a platform who's willing to push ticket sales. Raffall do this (for a price) and even they struggle. How the likes of Froghopping and Raffique expect to compete in this market without any marketing (or leaving the marketing to the hosts) is a complete mystery. The property itself is fine and perhaps at 1 it could be worth a punt. But then it's on a platform which is at best underwhelming in this sector. We'd rather they spent more time getting entries than wasting time with flashy videos. Sadly this one has cash prize winner written all over it. Enter Competition Here

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