Win A House In Bangor Review

That Prize Guy are offering the chance to win a brand new 3 bedroom house in Helen Wood (Bangor, Co Down), Jaguar E-Pace and 20,000 cash - alternatively you can opt for a 235,000 cash prize if you're lucky enough to win. Tickets cost 9.99 each and are already selling fast.

Launched: 1st April 2024 Closes: 11th April 2024

Platform: That Prize Guy

Location: Bangor, Co Down, BT19

House Value: £235000 (3 Bedrooms)

Extras: 20,000 Cash

Car: 2019 Jaguar E-Pace Chequered Flag Edition

Ticket Price: £9.99 (Free Entry Available)

Tickets Sold: Unknown

Cash Alternative: 235,000


Pay to enter prize draw site platforms do love a property giveaway and That Prize Guy are back with yet another one. This time they're offering entrants the chance to win a brand new three bedroom property in Helens Wood, Bangor, Co Down. The good thing about offering a new build is that it makes finding out information about the development a lot easier. If you're interested in the location then simply head over to Lagan Homes where you'll find that the locale is "perched proudly at the northern tip of the famous Ards Peninsula, with magnificent views stretching across Belfast Lough and beyond". However the Lagan Homes site doesn't show the detached three bedroom property as being available or a guide price. Therefore we've opted for the cash alternative as a guide price.

The Property

The property being offered is a brand new three bedroom house. As in previous That Prize Guy giveaways, details are pretty limited with absolutely nothing given in terms of information. From the images we can see that main bedroom has an en-suite whilst there's a bathroom joining bedrooms 2 and 3 on the top floor. Downstairs there's a living room plus a kitchen/diner as well as a sun room that leads out to a garden. We don't think this property has a garage. The property is furnished and includes appliances and flooring. To assist the winner with moving in there's a 20,000 cash sum. That Prize Guy are also including a 2019 Jaguar E-Pace Chequered Flag Edition that has 30,600 miles on the clock. If the property and cash don't appeal but you still wish to enter then there's a 235,000 cash alternative on offer instead.

How To Enter The Competition

To enter the prize draw for the chance to win this new home in Northern Ireland you simply need to purchase your tickets from That Prize Guy. We don't think that you need to answer any questions this time round but you will need to be registered. Tickets can be purchased as singles and it seems the max you can purchase is 500. There are discounts should you opt to buy 3, 5 or 10 tickets. There is a free entry route offered for entrants who wish to take that option. Entry is via postcard and details about how to complete your entry are given on the website. Note that if you choose to enter via the NPN route then you'll need to be quick!

65000 Tickets

That Prize Guys aim to sell a maximum of 65000 tickets at 9.99 (total revenue of just under 650,000 provided all tickets sold at max price) in just a few weeks with the draw concluding on the 11th April 2024. This date will be earlier if all tickets are sold. The ticket price is heading towards the pricier side and in fact is a slightly more expensive than their last draw. There are discounts on the site (you may also find discounts on Facebook as the promotion proceeds). At time of writing just over 15,000 tickets had been sold so there's a long way to go. We'd estimate that That Prize Guy would need to shift another 18000 tickets in less than 48 hours to match the value of the house plus cash. As far as we're aware there are no payments being made to charity for this particular draw.

Our Verdict

There's not much to really say about this particular prize draw. We know That Prize Guy will sell a lot of tickets but the prize is guaranteed so it doesn't matter if they don't sell another one. Someone will win the cash or house. Whilst there's a lack of descriptive information about the property there are at least plenty of images to scroll through plus you can glean extra details off Lagan Homes. We do think that 9.99 is starting to creep towards the costlier side of pricing (the last draw was 6.99 a ticket) so if you can find a discount code or see if prices get reduced towards the closing period then that may save you a few pennies. The property itself will appeal to locals but everyone else at least can opt for the cash alternative. Enter Competition Here

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