Win A House In East Sussex - Cash Winner

A five bedroom home including swimming pool located close to Battle in East Sussex, is the prize on offer in this house prize draw. For just 5 you could become the owner of this dream, home plus an additional 10,000 to aid with moving costs. The draw is being hosted on Raffall so a cash alternative can be won if not enough tickets are sold.

Winner: Ben

Launched: 1st December 2023 Closed: 28th May 2024

Platform: Raffall

Location: Battle, East Sussex,

House Value: £1500000 (5 Bedrooms)

Ticket Price: £5.00 (Free Entry - See 5.6 in Terms)

Tickets Sold: Unknown

Cash Alternative: 50& or 75% of ticket sales?

Just when we started to think that UK property prizes on Raffall were a thing of the past then up pops win a dream house in East Sussex. This draw could be pivotal into either reviving interest in UK win a house competitions on the platform. The prize that's available is located 10-minute walk from the historic town of Battle, East Sussex. London is an easy commute whilst Tunbridge Wells, Rye, and Hastings are all within a reasonable distance. A valuation is one thing that's missing from the description on Raffall and a Google search doesn't really help us either. Hopefully one of our regulars will be able to assist here. For the record we've picked a cool million as the valuation until such a time we can add something more realistic.

About The Property

The property itself is very distinct looking and features five bedrooms, two with en-suite. Downstairs there's a living room, dining room, kitchen/breakfast room whilst outside there's a garden, swimming pool and gravelled off road parking for several cars. The house sits in approximately half an acre and you can view images on the Raffall site. The property package includes all furnishings, legal fees etc plus there's 10,000 cash to help you move in. Details about running costs and potential rental aren't included but a quick Google search suggests rentals of 2000/3000 for properties in the area. Other features of the property include Electric car charger, Air source heat pump, MVHR, Triple glazed windows, Ethernet cabling throughout and an Everhot oven.

How To Enter The Competition

To enter the raffle you need to be registered with Raffall. This can be done via Facebook or email login. Once at the house raffle page it's a case of answering a question and purchasing tickets. The question pops up in a window - for this particular competition you'll need to answer an easy multiple choice question about weighing gold. Tickets cost 5 and there's no limit to the number you can purchase. You can purchase online using debit cards. The Raffall information says that The Mathew 25 Mission and Warming Up the Homeless will benefit from this prize draw although this seems to be being paid by the hosts that via support through Raffall's charity donation system.

Unlimited Ticket Sales

The host aims to sell at least 440,000 tickets (2.2million total revenue). Tickets need to be sold by the end of May 2024 so there's quite a large window of opportunity to sell a few tickets. If insufficient tickets are sold then the winners should receive a share of the compensation amounting to 75% of all ticket sales. However as with the recent barge prize draw the hosts state that the compensation amount is 50%. All compensation payments are guaranteed and paid directly by Raffall Limited. This is a little bit different to house competitions run by individuals and should offer more assurance to entrants.

Our Verdict

It'll be exciting to see just how this particular prize draw develops over the coming months. Hopefully it reminds people that Raffall can be used as a platform for a win a house competitions and that it could be a viable option for owners wanting to do their own "Omaze". The problem the hosts have though is marketing. Do they risk spending money via Raffall and using their mailing lists etc to generate sales or do they try social media etc and hope their own efforts work out. It'll be tough but entrants have little to lose - they'll either have the chance to win a house or a cash prize. We'd like Raffall to sort out the 50%/75% compensation issue though. Enter Competition Here

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