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This house giveaway gives you the chance to win a three house in Ellon, Aberdeenshore, Scotland alognside a 2021 Tiguan R and 10,000 cash. Alternatively the winner can choose a 180,000 cash prize. Tickets, that are selling very fast, cost 4.99 each and the promotion is being run on the pay to enter prize draw site, Bounty Competitions.

Winner: Scott Black

Launched: 28th August 2023 Closed: 30th August 2023

Platform: Bounty Competitions

Location: Ellon, Aberdeenshire,

House Value: £180000 (3 Bedrooms)

Ticket Price: £4.99 (Free Entry Available)

Tickets Sold: 62000 Revenue: £309380 (Estimated)


Bounty Competitions have been promising another new win a house competition for a few weeks now and they've finally dropped it - right in the middle of a bank holiday. Now that might be a right pain in the butt for us because we're usually taking a break, but for customers - and for Bounty - it's been a massive success (so far). Up for grabs this time round is a 3 bedroom semi-detached house in Ellon, Aberdeenshire. Ellon is a small town that's 16 miles from Aberdeen lying on the River Ythan. Time is limited so we've not had time to seek out more details but we've set a valuation of 180,000 simply based on the cash alternative amount. However we suspect the property is worth slightly more given that it comes with a whole host of extras.

About The Property

The property includes three bedrooms, a recently renovated new bathroom, spacious kitchen, loft area and living room. The extras make the property as it comes fully furnished plus offers a hot tub, converted garage/bar and a driveaway for three cars. It looks and sounds ideal as a holiday property although Bounty don't offer any details about potential rents or incomes. If having a new property isn't enough for you then Bounty will also throw in a 2021 Tiguan R, 10,000 cash and 10,000 that the winner can donate to a charity of their choice. However if owning property in the North East of Scotland isn't for you then Bounty are offering a 180,000 cash alternative should want to take that.

How To Enter The Competition

Entry to the prize draw is very easy. All you have to do is select your raffle ticket(s) and go on and purchase them. If you're not keen on trying to find your own lucky number then there is a lucky dip option. The latter is actually quite useful as it does save you wading through the lists of numbers trying to find one that appeals. Once you've picked your numbers then head to the checkout where you'll need to login/register and pay. Note that there are no questions to answer! If you're interested in playing but not necessarily paying then a no purchase necessary route is offered in the site's terms and conditions. But you'll need to be quick!

56000 Tickets

Bounty Competitions aim to sell 62000 tickets before the second week of September 2023 in order to complete the draw. Assuming all tickets are sold at full price that equates to just under 310,000 revenue, which given the prize values on offer makes for a tidy profit. Kudos for Bounty. As usual they have got off to a flying start with almost half (31,000) tickets sold within the first 24 hours of the prize draw being live. We'd be very surprised if this particular promotion doesn't close within the week and well before the named closing date. If you're thinking of a postal entry don't hang around sending it off. This kind of sales speed is something that many other platforms can only dream of!

Our Verdict

Bounty are another platformn who seem to have hit a winning formula when it comes to property prize draws. Shifting over 30,000 tickets (and pretty much covering a large amount of costs) within 24 hours is hugely impressive. Whilst we're not overly excited about the property on offer (sorry Bounty people) we like the fact that there's a decent cash alternative on offer and that the ticket price is good too. It'd be interesting however to know whether the huge ticket sale surge is down to the property or the cash alternative? Let us know in the comments below what you'd choose if you were to win this one? Enter Competition Here

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