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The property that can be won in this competition is a fully furnished remodeled 4 bedroom 2 bathroom villa in Italy with private 30 seat bar. Ticket prices aren't cheap but to counter balance that there's only 7000 available and the competition has been extended.

Winner: Mara From Athens

Launched: 27th January 2020 Closed: 31st December 2020

Platform: Visit Central Italy

Location: Pendenza, Italy,

House Value: £200000 (4 Bedrooms)

Ticket Price: £40.00 (Free Entry Available)

Tickets Sold: Unknown

Cash Alternative: Cash prize percentage not indicated

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This competition actually launched in January 2020 and was due to expire at the end of August. However the promoters, Visit Central Italy, didn't reach their target of 7000 ticket sales and therefore have extended the promotion to the end of 2020. One of the reasons why this competition may not have attracted much interest is the astronomical ticket price of $50 or 40. This is a shame because a 4 bedroom villa in Italy that's 75 minutes away from Rome sounds quite a nice proposition.

How To Enter The Competition

The villa has four bedrooms including a large balcony off the master room. There are two bathrooms, formal dining room and kitchen with a host of appliances. In the backyard you'll find fruit and nut trees whilst at the cantina level there's the bar. There are pictures of the property on the website but you'd have thought a property company would make more effort in the presentation. According to the terms and conditions the villa is valued at 350,000 euros which we've converted to pounds for comparison with other listings.

To enter the competition you need to purchase a ticket and leave an answer to the question "what is the river that runs through Rieti" in the notes section. The notes section can be found when you click through to the checkout. In truth this is a really poor way of hosting a competition. A free entry option is available. According to the terms one free postal entry per household to be sent to the promoter. Details of the promoter - based in London - can be found towards the bottom of the terms. We think this could be better outlined.

7000 Ticket Sales

The promoters, Visit Central Italy Ltd, hope to sell 7000 tickets at 40 each (total revenue 280,000) before the end of December 2020 in order to conclude the draw. The original closing date was August! If insufficient tickets are sold then the winners will receive a cash prize. This will be determined after the deduction of any expenses and marketing fees but the promoters fail to say how much this could be. Given the ticket price we'd like this to be better outlined.

There's a lot we don't like about the competition. It's badly hosted on a badly designed and slow website. The process for buying a ticket is poor and the price of a ticket ridiculously high. We're not surprised that the competition didn't complete in August and we'd be surprised if it completes in December. The biggest concern is the lack of details on the cash prize alternative. A 4 bed villa in Italy would be a nice prize but this competition needs to be a lot lot better. Enter Competition Here

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Footnote: Note that since Brexit UK citizens can only spend 90 days out of every 180 in the EU. If you win and rent out the property then you may also have to pay tax.

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