Win A House In Weston Super Mare - Cash Winner

A 4 bed converted bungalow in the seaside town of Weston-super-Mare is the prize that can be won in this UK house prize draw. Tickets for this giveaway cost 3 each and the host aims to sell between 300K and 500K tickets. The competition is being hosted on Raffique.

Launched: 1st June 2022 Closed: 21st October 2022

Platform: Raffique

Location: Weston Super Mare, BS22

House Value: £330000 (4 Bedrooms)

Ticket Price: £3.00 (Free Entry Available)

Tickets Sold: 19680 Revenue: £59040 (Estimated)

Cash Alternative: 75% of ticket sales


Could you imagine owning a house for just 3? That's the question being posed by the owners of this bungalow located in Weston-Super-Mare. They've recently married and formed a family of 9 (2 adults and 7 children) and have decided that it's now high time to move on. Rather than sell via the conventional market they've opted to use Raffique. This will be the platform's fifth property raffle and the hosts will be hoping to have more success than the previous four attempts. Whilst we know the property is located a five minute drive away from the beach, we're not told the exact location. However an estate agent search shows similar properties in the BS22 area and with property values of around 330,000. For the sake of this particular review we're going to adopt those numbers as a rough guide pending any further details.

About The Property

Details about the property are quite limited. On the Raffique description we're told there's "a living room, dining room, kitchen, good sized utility, bathroom, and a bedroom downstairs". These are joined by a main bedroom and 2 other bedrooms upstairs alongside a shower room. Outside there are two gardens, a shed and an outbuilding plus parking for three cars. The rear garden also has decking whilst there's a 50-gallon pond at the front. You can see a few pictures of the property on Raffique and a few more on the raffle's Facebook page. We're surprised there aren't more images as this would really help the "sell". As far as we can see there are no details about extras with the property such as solicitor fees, stamp duty etc. although we expect that these are included.

How To Enter The Competition

To purchase a ticket you simply need to visit the competition page, select the number of tickets you wish to purchase and answer a multiple choice question. You aren't told if the answer you've selected is right or wrong so use Google first if you're unsure. At checkout you'll be asked to create an account with Raffique if you've not already got one. Payments are managed with Vivawallet. As far as we can see there are no limits to the number of tickets you can purchase per competition. A free entry postal option can be found in the terms. Tickets cost 3 each and there's no early bird offers.

300000 Ticket Sales

The hosts of Win A Weston Super Mare house hopes to sell a minimum of 300,000 tickets (total revenue 900,000) up to a maximum of 500,000 tickets (total revenue 1.5million) by the end of October 2022 in order to conclude the draw. As far as we're aware the closing date will not be extended although it will be brought forward if all tickets sell early. If insufficient tickets are sold then the winners will receive a share of the compensation amounting to 75% of all ticket sales. The remaining 25% will be taken by Raffique to cover their costs and the owners will still own the property. As far as we can see there are no provisions for making donations to any good causes.

Our Verdict

In the Win A Wigan House winner annoucement Raffique did make it clear that their role is simply the platform facilitator and that marketing of raffles falls in the gift of the host. Jamie Runciman put a lot of effort into getting his property raffle into the media, but that proved fruitless with the end result being just 5000 of ticket sales. With the property raffle sector really in the weeds at the moment (Omaze and Tramway Path aside) it's nice to see people are still willing to give it a go. But today, raffles can't just rely on a social media page and fresh air to get the sales. The hosts are aiming for 300,000 tickets a number which - assuming the property value - is on the high side. In short there are so many factors going against this raffle that we can't see how Win A Weston Super Mare House is going to create another property winner. Enter Competition Here

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