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McKinney Competitions, a raffle style prize draw company based in Ireland, are offering the chance to win a 3 Bed Luxury Penthouse plus car and cash or 450K. Despite the hefty ticket prices - they're not cheap at a massive 99.97 a ticket - these raffles always seem to complete!

Winner: Brian Hubbard

Launched: 17th June 2022 Closed: 1st July 2022

Platform: McKinney Competitions

Location: Belfast, BT9

House Value: £450000 (3 Bedrooms)

Extras: 30000 Spending Money

Car: BMX X5

Ticket Price: £99.97 (Free Entry Available)

Tickets Sold: 14999 Revenue: £1499450.03 (Estimated)

Cash Alternative: 450,000


McKinney Competitions are back on the property trail again with what they're calling "Ireland's Biggest and Best Competition" to date. On offer is a well presented three-bedroom Penthouse that is part of five stunning new build apartments on The Exclusive Newforge Lane, just off The Malone Road. We're guessing that the prize is the penthouse flat at Number 45 and there's a brochure about the location which can be downloaded via No valuation is given and we've not been able to locate one due to limited time. However as the cash alternative is 450,000 we've decided to use that as a reference although the penthouse package does include a car and cash.

The Property

The property being offered is of a high standard and comprises 3 bedrooms, a modern kitchen, living and dining area. The McKinney website indicates that there's office space but this is actually bedroom 3 - so perhaps it's more accurate to call it a 2 bedroom penthouse suite? The main bedroom includes storage area, dressing room and en-suite. Joining the penthouse is a 2020 BMW X5 and 30,000 cash. If you don't want to live in the apartment then McKinney suggest that it could realise an impressive 25,000 rental income per annum. However there are no indications of running costs, service charges etc. The winner does also have the option of simply taking a nice 450,000 cash alternative.

How To Enter The Competition

To enter the competition for the chance to win the penthouse package or cash alternative you simply need to answer a multiple choice question. Note that you're not told whether your answer is right or not but the question is so absurdly easy that you won't need Google to check. Once you've made your selection it's simply a case of completing the purchase of your tickets. There is a free entry route offered for entrants who wish to take that option. Entry is via postcard and details about how to complete your entry are given on the website. However just note that if you're thinking of going via NPN then you will need to be fast as these draws can sell out quickly.

14999 Tickets

McKinney Competitions aim to sell a maximum of 14,999 tickets at 99.97 (total revenue just under 1.5million) by the end of June 2022. Look out for the discount code PENT20 (not sure of expiry) to get 20 off the price. The deadline combined with ticket price may seem incredibly ambitious but this company always seem to manage to come up with enough sales. According to the website the draw date is "always brought forward to next working day after all tickets are designated" and that the "date counter is just a possible maximum draw date". McKinney state that most items are sold within just 1 or 2 days. At time of writing just over 400 tickets had already been sold and the competition is just 12 hours old. Compare that to Raffique's Win A House in Wigan which took several months to sell 700 x 10 tickets and you can easily gauge the power of this platform.

Our Verdict

In theory these high ticket property raffles shouldn't get off the ground but McKinney do have the audience and formula to attract enough entries. Even as we've put this review together they've sold another 50 or so tickets. The property is very attractive - perfect either for moving in to or for rental - but we do like that there's a cash alternative too. In short this raffle is not about if it will reach completion but when. McKinney have given themselves an initial 15/16 days to sell all the tickets but we'd be surprised if they've not ended "Ireland's Biggest and Best Competition" to date in a much shorter timeframe. Enter Competition Here

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